well it was a quarter final all right and everybody was atleast a 100% sure that the dutchmen were real favourites to win this one…but russia showed the world why they were here in the euro 2008…the dutch were outplayed in all departments right from the starting whistle and Roman Pavlyuchenko at the stoke of 11 minutes netted one and gave em the lead…although the dutchmen avoided an early close wid van nistelrooy nettin one in the 86th…everyone thought it was not over…but when did it begin to be over…the neds were never in the game…the russians could have netted atleast three in the last 10 minutes of the 2nd extra time…the dutch defenders were caught napping and found tired…the russians attacked from the word go and once it was 2-1 with 5 minutes remaining it was all over…the face of the dutch fans showed it all…and to add agony to the wound it was all but over when it became 3-1 and the neds dreams of becoming the euro champions had come crashing down…as for RUSSIA it was not a dream…they played better football…didn’t they???


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