When the thought of posting information in the blog today arose…i immediately decided i am posting this…Hybrid Electric Bike or HEB…this post is dedicated to my friend MOHAMMED GHOUSE a.k.a TONY who was the brainchild behind this idea of an efficient HEB…a salute to u my dear friend…

Tony with his Baby...the HEB

Now lemme start wid describing u a hybrid vehicle…most of u mechanical and automobile engineers ought to know this…for all those who are keen on this a HYBRID VEHICLE is one that uses two or more power sources to propel the vehicle…now the sources used to drive can be:

  • On-board rechargeable Energy storage system(RESS) and a fuel powered source
  • Air and IC engine
  • Human powered bicycle with electric motor or gas engine assist
  • Human powered or Sailboat with electric power

a HEV…V stands for vehicle for all those who wanna know…uses IC ENGINES and ELECTRIC MOTOR…gettin too technical…ain’t it???

As far as efficiency,fuel economy and emmisions the HEB is a prize catch but still the battery of HEB can really  cause some serious environmental damage


Lets get to the specification part…i don wanna make it too technical so i will reveal only the performance related stuff here…

  • Max Horse Power      – 11 BHP
  • Max Speed Top Gear – 90 Km/hr at FULL load…quite speedy
  • Acceleration             – 0-60 Km/hr in 8 Seconds
  • Fuel Consumption    – 40 Km/Litre(Test Conditions:40 Km Speed & 150 Kg Load)
  • Battery                      – Lead Acid Sealed Type
  • Battery(Nos)              – 6 nos
  • Charging Time          – 5-6 Hours(FULL Charge)
  • Running Time           – 50 Km/FULL Charge
  • Max. Speed               – 40 Km/hr at FULL load

This bike has a hell lot of pros than cons…its features and benefits include…

  • Fuel Cost Savings
  • Reducing Env. Pollution
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Less Vibrations and Noise
  • Self Charging of batteries while running on Petrol
  • Compact Design(Thanks to Ghouse)
  • Disc Brakes

And for all of u who are really interested in this bike it will not cost u a fortune…its making cost is roughly Rs.75000 and all ur valuble time for making it.

Getting Ideas on something is pretty much easy but Moulding them into a working model deserves accolades and praises…just imagine the amount of work and dedication put into this…really amazing!!!

my eyes are half closed…my thoughts are dissappearing…the lights have gone off…sleep is not far away…so i sign off and promise u more in the days to come…Good Night!!!



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