ADA-A WAY OF LIFE-Music Review





A.R Rahman is back after a decent gap and he has not disappointed his fans. The focus is on melody and the maestro as usual has spent a lot time on improving the instrumentation and overall quality as it is evident in the final product. This album is for the typical Rahman fan and will not please the rap junkies.

Mehrbaan (A.R Rahman)

Rahman has sung this mesmerizing song. This is sure to become a major hit of 2008. The lyrics of Raqeeb Alam are equally impressive.The song starts with an impressive piano piece before Rahman gets into his groove. There is a bit of the brit group coldplay in the song.

Mehrbaan (Instrumental)

Rahman must have realized that this was the best song in the album and decided to release a Instrumental version of the song. Sanjeev Thomas impresses with his guitar skills.

Ishq Ada (Rashid Ali)

Rashid Ali is another new comer from the A.R Rahman school of music. This is a jazzy song with an impressive rhythm to it. The guitar interlude just flows through the song. Rashid Ali pleads and begs in this song with some sufi influence.

Hawa Sun Hawa (Sony Nigam and Alka Yagnik)

Another impressive melody sung by the extremely talented Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik. Naveen as usual produces magic with his flute. The song reminds me of Rahman from his “Dil Se” days. Alka takes the song to the next level with her haunting voice.

Gum Sum (Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik)

A rhythmic tabla based song. Rahman has stuck to the same magical pair of Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik and the end result is another good song. The song is free flowing and pleasant.

Gulfisha ( Sonu Nigam , Sunidhi Chauhan and Viviane)

Sunidhi has always impressed me and this song has only proves that she is a versatile singer. This is a highly stylish song and she has fitted very well into it. Sonu is at his best as usual.

Tu Mera Hai (Chithra , Sukhwinder Singh and Naresh Iyer)

Another impressive song sung by the evergreen Chithra. Sukhwinder gives her good company. Naresh Iyer has become a standard inclusion in all Rahman albums even though he is not utilized to his fullest extent in this musical score. The song changes track and slowly transforms into a Ghazal.

Hai Dard ( Udit Narayan)

A sad song and Udit fits the bill perfectly. Pay close attention to the heavy metal piece and the Arabic interlude in the middle. This is an average song but Udit elevates the song into something much more than that with his soulful rendition.

Ishq Ada ( Parul Mishra)

Parul is another newcomer. I liked this song better than the male version. There is a sense of innocence in Parul’s voice which makes it more natural and refreshing.

Milo Wahan Wahan(Alka Yagnik and Jayachandran)

Another sad song but the sorrow is so meticulously depicted by both the music director and the singers. Jayachandran and Alka sing their hearts out in an extremely controlled rendition in this highly melodramatic but melodious song which only Rahman can create.

Top 3 of the Album

  1. Meherbaan( Both Versions)
  2. Ishq Ada Hai ( Male Version)
  3. Milo Wahan Wahan

It is a perfect album with blends of all kinds of music. Some songs takes time to get a catch on you like all Rahman songs do, you gotta keep listening to the tracks again and again to know how good they are. Much like slow poison stuff. Grab a cd and join this melodious and melancholy ride into the world of A.R.Rahman. A good Album if not the Best. A.R.Rahman again proves he is the king of music.


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