The most eagerly awaited final of the year had it all…thrill,emotions,intensity,entertainment and what separated both teams when the final score read GERMANY 0-1 SPAIN was a moment of MAGIC from the most reliable player of SPAIN, FERNANDO TORRES…and that meant SPAIN were the Kings of Europe. Interestingly Spain had won their last piece of silverware way back in 1964 in this very tournament and never went beyond quarter finals of any tournament for the past 24 years, still they chose to use history as an inspiration rather than burden to end their long wait. Two men were solely responsible for this great achievement, FERNANDO TORRES AND IKER CASSILAS, a royal salute to both.

GERMANY started aggressively boosted by BALLACK‘s inclusion  but the aggression was dumbed down by some fantastic football from SPAIN. The Spaniards found their feet right from minute 1 and TORRES found the net in the 33rd minute…I’d say the match was won here…all Germany did after this was COMPLAIN and ARGUE…they never really played their true game and were beaten in all departments comprehensively by Spain. The Spaniards came close at least umpteen times exposing the German defence. The final 20 mins as such sealed the game in Spain’s favour.

And at the end of it the curse was broken,history re-written and Spain who should hav won more trophies as any other team broke a jinx…Vienna was painted RED..and the ESP hav fought hard to earn them the title- KINGS OF EUROPE. What say???


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