Pritam is back yet again with his much hyped about film album. He is not at his belligerent best in this album but most of you will find this one entertaining and grooving with all the right mixes of the instruments. This album is very much the PUNJABI style which might perfectly suite the movie.

Singh is Kinng (R.D.B,Snoop Dogg,Akshay Kumar)

Now heres a groovy number with all the hip-hop hustles u could ask for. Pritam really has done a good job here with the composition and the appearance of SNOOP DO double G is felt with his slow RAP in between, even akshay gets a chance to stretch his vocal chords and does a decent job. I am a bit confused but ill still say that this is the title song of the movie. Not the best but you might just like it.

Jee Karda (Labh Jan Jua,Suzie Q)

The English version of the song is amazing in the voice of Suzie Q that will be shown on Katrina Kaif. The Punjabi version of the song has been sung in the voice of Labh Jan Jua and this song has western and Punjabi effect. The remix version of the song is full of heavy beats. This one is a typical Punjabi number but doesn’t quite catch on with the listener. Mayb it might jus stick with time i guess.

Bas Ek Kinng (Mika Singh,Neeraj Shridhar,Hard Kaur,Aashish Pandit)

This is the song that we were treated to in the TV promos. Another hip-hop style number portraying the title of the movie. The vocalists hav performed a tremendous job & so does pritam who has got all his instrumental ingredients rights to make this a hit number. There is also a Tiger Style Mix of the same number which is quite racy than the original.

Bhootni Ke (Daler Mehndhi)

A typical Punjabi number that symbolizes the culture of Punjab with its lovely lyrics that remind you of Punjabi folk. The music is a feast but i am sorry to say this you are let down by more or less the ‘Shouting’ of Daler Mehndi at the beggining of the song. You kind of get irritated by the constant top decibel chants of the Punjabi singer. There are 2 more remixed versions of this song, a DJ mix by DJ Amyth and a Tiger Style Mix in the voice of Mika.

Teri Ore (Rahat Fateh Ali Khan,Shreya Ghoshal)

Clearly a standout in this otherwise average album. It is a mesmerizing romantic melodious number where Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Shreya Ghoshal just absorb you into the song with their magical voices & not to forget the wonderful composition by Pritam here.

Talli Hua (Neeraj Shridhar,Labh Jan Jua)

Another high energy western beat Punjabi song that is really good with the beats. The deadly combo of Pritam and Neeraj are back again and they prove it big again with this number. It is really fast number and makes u dance once u hear it. A nice groovy number with all the proper beats to make it workin big. A remix version called the Jay Dabhi Mix has the rap of Style Bhai along with the vocalists of the original number.

Rajster’s top 3 of the Album

  1. Bas Ek Kinng
  2. Teri Ore
  3. Singh is KInng

Rajster’s Verdict:

A totally groovy album with all the right POONJABI mixes as Snoop Dogg says. But this not one of the very best works of Pritam. It is an average album aimed at the masses and the hit pair of AKSHAY-KATRINA may just be enough take it to the top of the charts…lets just hope they do


2 thoughts on “SINGH IS KINNG-Music Review

  1. If a song demands that kind of character then the singer has to comply by that.
    And don’t you think Pritam has brains to check whether Daler Mehndi is sounding good or not.
    To each his own.
    You can’t sing a Bhootni Ke without that kind of pitch and attitude.
    If you are a Sikh or belong to Punjab will you understand this otherwise not..
    Bhootni Ke is a splendid song sung by Daler Mehndi.

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