Movie Review

Now i have been on a movie watchin spree for the past couple of days and all the movies that i have watched haven’t disappointed…i had watched a couple of Hindi movies and a rare Malayalam movie(as i don’t watch em very often)…now i would like to share what i felt about those movies here…i usually like doin this…being a critic can be fun so ere i go…



Talking portrait…down to earth parents and ordinary people…this movie had it all…a totally fun-tastic movie according to me. Although it did not hav a fantastic storyline to speak of, this movie works because the cliche’s(thousands of them) are saved by the humour and its soulful music(by the great ARR). The humour makes this movie an enjoyable ride be it the scenes b/W Jai’s mom and the talking portrait,the scenes wid the two brothers Baloo and Bhagera(played by the Sohail and Arbaaz khan) or Jai discussin wid Aditi’s parents…all of them leave u in splits. It has been a while since i sat through a film that made me smile or even laughin aloud at times..this movie did both. The lead pair steal the show(when i mean lead pair i denote the whole gang here) and the dad’s and mom’s won my heart…the only drawbacks anyone would find are the over hyped climax and the slowness of the movie(all love stories are can’t help it!!)…but who cares??? Jaane Tu is a feel good film wid ordinary people living ordinary lives and that’s that…missing some fun in life…watch this movie and live life…



Some said he has lost it…some said he was insane…many even wrote him off saying “he has lost it”…but the man RGV has returnes to prove his worth…Sarkar Raj may not be a great film but it has certainly put RGV-the man back on track…frankly speakin i am a big fan of this man RGV..if Sarkar was all about the Nagre’s then Sarkar Raj is all about conspiracy,survival,betrayal and lots more. it lives up to its tagline “POWER CANNOT BE GIVEN, IT HAS TO BE TAKEN” The look and feel of the film, which includes the lighting, the props, the locations have been carefully planned and are consistent throughout the film(love the dark RGV style). And a pat on the back to the dialogue writer! The dialogues especially in the first half pack quite a punch. Overall the film makes a considerable impact. The Bachchan’s have put in riveting performances and yet again Hats off!!! to RGV for making this one a swashbuckling thrillin ride…He’s Back to give others a run for their money. Another must watch esp for the Bachchan fans and RGV too…

so here was my take on my weekend movie watch…keep in touch wid me always…ill be back for more


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