The maestro is back this time in Tamil to make u dance to his tunes with some hip shaking, mind blowing music with all the experimentation’s you can ask for in a Rahman album all of it which gives it a fresh feel. Some songs will take time to sink in as all Rahman songs do but all songs are sure to make u tap ur feet.

Chinnamma (Benny Dayal, Chinmayii)

Adapted from ARR’s earlier film in Hindi “Meenaxi” this song sets off with a brilliant flute composition and Benny Dayal just dazzles with this number. He is the highlight of the song taking over the music and lyrics , just gets you with his haunting voice. Chinmayii falls a little short to cope up with Benny but has done nothing wrong. The background music and percussion’s just blends with the song that is ought to be a huge hit among the masses.

Elay (Naresh Iyer, Krish)

A song that starts off with traces of “Roobaroo” from RDB but then the guitar strumming and violin  which have become Rahman’s obsession just takes over and is the main attraction of the song overshadowing great vocals from both singers. Naresh and Krish do what they do best and this song can go on to become Mustafa Mustafa-Part 2. Na.Muthukumar’s lyrics are just right to make this song click among the youngistan’s.

I Miss U Da (Chinmayii,Indai Haza)

This song is brilliantly set up with Chinmayii chanting the “Eminee…” with her amazing voice and just pulls you into this song. Rahman has done a great job with the background instrumentation to give a unique feel to this song. Chinmayii has put in a lot of effort into the song to give the perfect feel for the song. A song that will be popular among the radio stations.

Marudhaani (Madhushree,A.R.Rahman,Henry)

Rahman proves he is king of melody with this special number which has excellent vocals of Madhushree who has worked hard to get her pronunciations right. ARR disappoints his fans by not singing a number but his humming and perfect background musical support gives a great boost to this wonderful composition from the master. As a fan of ARR i would have loved to see him sing a whole number in this album but you cannot take anything away from this magical piece of melody.

Naan Eppodhu (Reena Bharadwaj)

Great percussion’s and some wonderful music by the maestro take this melodious number to the next level. Although Reena Bharadwaj’s voice is so soothing it sometimes makes you feel she wasn’t suited for the song. Nevertheless another melody from Rahman’s fort.

Taxi Taxi (Benny Dayal,Blaaze,Viviane Chaixe,Javed Ali)

Wow!!!Wat a song…just makes you dance with its initial hearing. Blaaze proves why he is the best in business and sets up this songs for the singers and Benny Dayal and Rashid Ali yet again prove their mettle. The french utterings in the middle of the song by Viviane Chaixe just blends perfectly with the song. A peppy number which has all the variations which is surely going to be the Anthem for youngsters in the coming days.

Rajster’s top 3 of the Album

  1. Chinnama
  2. I Miss U Da
  3. Taxi Taxi

Rajster’s Verdict:

A typical ARR album which is fresh,peppy,fun and has all the right ingredients to make it a clear hit among the masses. Rahman yet again works up his magic in compositions and Shantanu could not ask for a better way to kick start his career in kollywood…and ARR proves that he is still the best in Business…


19 thoughts on “SAKKARAKATTI-Music Review

  1. This album was pretty good. Chinnamma, Naan Eppodhu, and especially Elay really blew me away. Both Chinnamma and Naan Eppodhu were taken from ARR’s Hindi score for the movie Meenaxi. Beeny Dayal was crazy good in Chinnamma. Elay had excellent components in all ways. I enjoyed the singing, the lyrics, and the music. It seemed to have an Irish twist which I appreciated.

    I was a bit disappointed with Taxi Taxi and I Miss U Da. They really didn’t sound ARR, if you know what I mean. I found both songs a bit repetitive. I get that kind of feeling from other music directors but NEVER ARR. One of the many amazing things about ARR is that he has a refined sense of music that no one can ever have. He tends to use many instruments in his pieces, but they somehow meld together into one cohesive body. I found all that lacking in Taxi Taxi and I Miss U Da. The other three songs completely made up for it, though.

    ARR is totally awesome. No one will ever replace him. I just hope that he may find some time to do more Tamil scores. I feel that he’s scoring too many Hindi movies.

  2. Awesome album and i liked it very much with the first time of hearing. I Miss U song is totally different & mesmerizing especially the part “Emini Emini” I just love it.

    Hi Vissagan,

    Can you please tell us the track numbers which you think that Taxi Taxi and I Missu U song was used by ARR.

  3. Hi Ameer!

    Sorry, but I don’t quite understand your question/request. Taxi Taxi was Track 1, and I Miss U Da was Track 3.

    I listened to Taxi Taxi again, and now think its pretty good after all. Rajster was right, it does take some time to ease into ARR’s songs, but when you do, they rock!

  4. Another thing, judging from the preferences of the Tamil masses through the years, I think that Chinnamma and Taxi Taxi will be fighting for first place on the charts.

  5. Good points there Vissagan…Rahman’s music takes some time to sink in…its the same with all albums…Sakkarakatti is no different…Chinnama’s flute just blows me away every time i hear

  6. Songs suck man. The lyrics, voices , dont blend with the music. It would be better off had it been a pure instrumental album instead of these hindi singers killing tamil with their horrible pronunciation. Another lazy stuff from ARR

  7. @ Lenin
    its just that Chinnama song is already heard. I gave a chance to other numbers in my top 3…Not because the song is bad or anythin…Chinnama rocks like all ARR songs do

  8. Before commenting about the songs, I have a simple doubt, how can one call a sound engineer as Maestro ? Has he done anything that would make him to be called with this title, other than importing/modifying some of the never-heard songs from some foreign countries.

    Now about the songs in this movie, I happen to hear one of the so-called-mega-numbers.. it really sucks badly… For his die-hard fans, its time for you all to Open eyes and judge the real quality and value of Rahman’s work. He won’t survive.

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