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Yuvan Shankar Raja is back wid SAROJA, one of the most awaited albums of the year. Yuvan has put up great effort in getting all the tracks of the movie just perfect. The music is fresh and is set to attract the younger generation. Although Yuvan has not experimented a great deal this album has the typical Yuvan feel to it. 6 tracks and a totally english one in that, it all seems interestin.

Aaja Meri Soniye (Vijay Yesudas,Premji Gangai Amaren,S.P.B.Charan)

The engagement song that will feature all the TV stars and some celebs in it. Really good song with good and soothing orchestration that brings out the festive mood perfectly. The prelude of the song is so good that it makes you dance. Vijay Yesudas and S.P.B.Charan are at their very best while Premji’s voice gives that funny edge to the song. The hindi lyrics and the orchestration gives u the feel of a hindi song.

Cheeky Cheeky (Yuvan Shankar Raja,Matilda,Nridhaya)

A superb number with partial english lyrics and partial tamil lyrics. The beats in the song are really appealing and does tell u a lot of Yuvan’s abilities. Sung by Matilda(winner of ‘Singapore Idol’) she showcases her talents in this song with great precision. Sometimes the music seems to overshadow the singers voice but nevertheless a trendy number as reflected by its music. Yuvan makes a cameo in this songs video. i say thats Cheeky.

Dosth Bada Dosth (Haricharan,Rahul Nambiar,Naveen)

Friendship songs are the order of the day and Yuvan is a master in this catergory. In line to his  swashbucklin and feel good frienship songs like “Jalsa”&”Natpukullae”(Chennai-28),”Natpinilae”(Kadhal Kondein),”Dey Namma”(Pattiyal) he adds this number. A Soulful track wid wonderful lyrics by Valee and wonderful rendition from all three singers is sure to take this song into the hearts of college students.

Kodana Kodi (Mohammed Aslam,Ranina,Kavi)

A perfect kuthu number from Yuvan’s factory of music. The humming by the female singer in the prelude,interlude & postlude makes it even more catchy. Md.Aslam carries from where he left out in “Pon magal Vanthal” and the female singers do their job perfectly. This song is in line to become the next “Thee Pidika” if filmed perfectly.

My Life (Tanvi)

The highlight of the album. The orchestrations are in par with english numbers. Tanvi has used all her energy to get the song right. The Drum and Guitar  give the song the perfect Rock Metal feel which seems to work out. Yuvan deserves praise for this very brave attempt. This song is used in the promotional video of the song telecasted in TV channels. But this song has the Did i hear this song anywhere before??? feel to it.

Nimirnthu Nil (Shankar Mahadevan)

The beginning of the song gave me a feel of “Seval Kodi”. Shankar takes on from then on making this song unique. The energy and renditions are just perfect but its a bit letdown by the bland music.

Rajster’s Top 3 of the album:

  1. Dosth Bada Dosth
  2. Kodana Kodi
  3. Aaja Meri Soniye

Rajster’s Verdict:

The duo of Yuvan-Venkat Prabhu are all set to rock ur TV screens yet again with Saroja. A brave,Trendy,Friendly album yet again from Yuvan who does not disappoint his masses. A typical Yuvan album that is different from all his other creations. A thouroughly enjoyable ride. Has come in the right time too and has all the perfect mixes to compete with Sakkarakatti???. A 4 for Yuvan.


12 thoughts on “SAROJA-Music Review

  1. This is definitely the best Yuvan album I have ever heard. It is an absolutely superb piece of work. The kind of risks Yuvan took will definitely pay off. The one thing I have against this album is the fact that you have to know 3 LANGUAGES to understand the songs! wtf? Other than that, it was very unique and awesome.

    Every once in a while, I wonder what will happen to Indian cinema music once A.R. Rahman retires. I really can’t thank of another individual that has transformed the face of India cinema music than the honorable ARR. I see in Yuvan Shankar Raja the potential to BE that ARR of the future. This album simply emphasizes this.

    Awesome album once again!

  2. hello Vissagan,
    Your views are absolutely bang on…Yuvan is absolutely the succesor of ARR….Harris is good but is predictable and stereotypical.

  3. there is no competition from sakkarakatti. Rahman has churned out a crappy album.-trash. Songs sound artificial with all those singers from Hindi who have killed the songs. Dont call Yuvan to be the sucessor of ARR. he is a unique improvisor, fresh every time you hear him. Yuvan, you the man.

  4. yuvan,after i wait 4 a long period,around 6 month finally i can release my miss with ur song.i heard this so more than 1ootimes.every moment i live with this music.u r so trendy.i like ur style very much.hope u will roped bhavatharani also on ur song.u r realy great….keep rock the world

  5. Quote:Rahman has churned out a crappy album.-trash.Quote

    If you’re referring to “Marudhani”, you’re (half) right?

    What about “Elay”, “Chinnamma” and the other songs?

    So, this is a Yuvan Shankar Raja Fanboy site? and YSR the successor of ARR????? You’re kidding?

    Sakkarakatti crap????

    Friend, get yourself a new pair of ears!

  6. Quote:Rahman has churned out a crappy album.-trash.Quote

    If you’re referring to “Marudhani”, you’re (half) right?

    What about “Elay”, “Chinnamma” and the other songs?

    So, this is a Yuvan Shankar Raja Fanboy site? and YSR the successor of ARR????? You’re kidding?

    Sakkarakatti crap????

    Friend, get yourself a new pair of ears!

  7. wow..what can i say..musical genius Yuvan shankar raja has done it again…I’m listening to this songs almost everyday since the day they got released. This guy is serious..taking tamil cinema music to a different level !!

  8. yuvan has done a wonderful job.I loved the song kodana kodi.But I am sad that the song has not been picturised properly.Both arr and yuvan should concentrate on the pronounciation of the songs(specially arr).

  9. This shows one of the Best efforts, which can take the Tamil Industry Musicians to a level competing the Best in International Market

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