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The master of melody Harris Jeyaraj is back after a short stint and has packed 5 songs in Vishal’s upcomin flick Sathyam. He has struck to his original formula but eventually has tried a few diffferent beats. Let’s see if Harris can live upto his name in this album.

Aaradi Kaatre (Hariharan)

Ah!!! yet another solo song for the hero on the ranges of  “Oru Mugamo” and “Karka Karka”. The song has a low profilic instrumental use that makes this song really appealing with just its rythymic drum beats and occasional guitar strumming. Hariharan on a high after his “Kallai Mattum Kandal” stamps his authority yet again putting his melodious vocals to good effect. A feel good song for the masses. Here comes the hero!!!

Ada Gada Gada (Premgi Gangai Amaren)

Finally Premgi gets a song for his own. A hip and trendy number with a different feel with all the Rap and “Ayi Magamaye,Maye Thirusooli” chants makes it all the more interesting. Premgi’s vocals just blend perfectly with the song and seems much like music to your ears. The lyrics amuse you with their funny lines. Something fresh and trendy from Harris.

Chellame Chellame (Bombay Jayashree,Naveen)

This song has Harris stamped all over it. You can end up associating this track with melodious numbers from harris’s previous albums. Bombay Jeyashree fits the bill with her erotic and heavenly vocals setting on you like sweet poison. Naveen joins the party later and excels at what he does best. Chinese preludes and interludes work well with this song. Although the song has nothing different its melody will surely make u drown harris style. Another chart topper on the blocks.

Ennanbe (Sadhana Sargam)

Another song with chineese preludes,interludes and postludes. Seems much like a faster “Chellame Chellame” track. The “Athadi…” Chorus bit gives a uplift for the otherwise repetitive harris number. Too stereotypical from harris. The lyrics makes the song a perfect romantic treat. The african Chants could have been avoided. Sadhana Sargam mesmerises all of us with this track.

Paal Pappali (Rahul Nambiyar)

Oh my God!!! wat a piece of crap. A kuthu song. Nothing much to say. A total letdown from harris on this number. All Kuthu piriyar’s will like this number. A total disgrace to music these kuthu numbers.

Rajster’s top 3 of the Album:

  1. Chellame Chellame
  2. Aaradi Kaatre
  3. Ada Gada Gada

Rajster’s Verdict:

A lame attempt from a talented melody king. A couple of tracks impress you ,the rest seems all repetitive and bears the “i have heard this before” tag to it. Harris should start experimenting to become more versatile and stop being predictable. A letdown to Harris fans. The master of melody fails to impress!!!

Sathyam-Have i heard this before!!!


6 thoughts on “SATHYAM-Music Review

  1. “Paal pappali” is not a crap man ! It remind us the ARR period with Shahul Hameed. Srilekha’s voice is sexy and her expressions are excellent, Naveen’s voice is also very dynamic … and the “Baaboy-Haboy”,etc. are superb ! OK it’s like “Yaari Singaari” and “Achuvala karumbe” but amdist this, the song is so nice ! I liked very much the rythm and the instruments !
    “Chellame” and “Anbe” are splendid. Even if it sound familiar, the voices and the instruments used are so wonderful ! By the way, it’s Balram in “Chellame”. Bombay Jayashree and Sadhana are more than excellent singers ! The lyrics in this 2 songs are very poetic and beautiful.
    “Ivan udeyum” is a little bit like Harrish old tunes but the beats and some interludes are superb ! Of course, Hariharan rockz !
    “Adagada” is the only letdown but apparently it’s a song picturized on children, so we have not to expect so much from this songs even if the beats are nice and Prem G is cool.

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