Today was one of the chaotic days our indian constitution had witnessed in years. The debate over the trust vote continued for the second consecutive day and it witnessed speeches that were ranged as good,bad and ugly(had a mix of it all!!!). A whole lot of drama unfolded in the Parliment(rather a fish market!!!) today. A government was in danger of being toppled in case they failed the trust vote. PM Manmohan Singh called for the trust vote when the Left parties pulled out or ill say he was left with no other choice than to prove that the ruling party still enjoys the majority.  It was tense, dark(darker than the dark knight!!!) and a whole lot chaotic. Some sparkling speeches were made by the FM P.Chidambaram, Rahul Gandhi and Lalu Prasad Yadavji on contrast to some ordinary and ugly utterances from the opposition. When the PM was about to speak he wasn’t allowed to atleast by the opposition who didn’t want that to happen(who said our country still enjoys freedom of speech!!!). Then to the horror of all the people watching it live 3 MP’s walked in and showed hot cash(all in 1000Rs denominations) and said they were bribed by Mr. Amar Singh causing a pandemonium in itself which led the house to be adjourned,all this left me speechless and denoted the sad plight of my country. Shame on them!!! i felt to myself. The PM’s sppech was scheduled next after that the voting would take place. The PM chose not to speak and asked to go ahead for voting. The voting was won by the UPA 275 to 256 to the opposition. When the speaker announced “the ayes have it,the ayes have it”  the Govt survived but it left a lot of questions in the minds of everyone witnessing this saga. Was it a clean victory?? Were MP’s bribed??? Is this the way the county is run??? all of which are left unanswered. In the end there was one winner the man who stood by all his convictions,a man who belived he still enjoyed the majority of the houses Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh. The whole Parliament went silent just after the result declaration not because of this victory to the UPA but VANDE MATARAM was played,perhaps the only moment the whole place was silent(atleast they respected it!!!). Mr. Singh had the last laugh and proved that the LEFT was not right…Singh is King!!! after all. Congress was here to stay. All this tumultuous happenings left me thinking…Thank God!!! the Govt. is safe…but “Where’s my country heading????



  1. Yes, the real question is about where this country is headed. Some of our polticians are beyond shame. Parilament has become a ‘mandi’. The only good that has come out of those two forgettable days is the Manmohan won and got the deal for India.

  2. hmmm….I think the speeches of smaller parties were even more electrifying. I liked the speech of Omar Abdullah in particular. It was so patriotic and it didn’t look like he prepared his text before hand. Rahul Gandhi was okay but he could have come up with a better speech. I guess that was his first major speech in the Parliament. I thought he could have done better. Did you catch up with Advani’s face? He was all the more comical when the results were displayed. I was having a good laugh. Cartoonists can never earn a living without dirty politics. And it’s fun as well !!! Yin and Yang constitute the world !!!

  3. @Sivapriya
    Indeed Advani did not know how to react at that moment…Some MP’s as such didn;t know wat to speak and blurted out some crap!!!. Omar Abdullah spoke from his heart and as for Mr.Lalu and Rahul Gandhi, their speeches were rated good. As u said Rahul cannot be rated here since it was his first major speech…All India needs is at least 500 learned men taking over the Parliament. As for the cartoonists they had a field day, after all a trust vote doesn’t happen that often.

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