If the high electricity drama of Indian Politics was not enough to make a perfect weekend, the things that followed made it one. For all those who witnessed the great Indian tamasha(the trust vote of course!!!) it seemed much like a reality show. After all that happened during the tamasha the blame game began. MP’s were expelled, some were even arrested. The only positive for all we thought was the survival of the government, but the very next day the inflation fell(at least a few points) which brought in a few smiles. with all this happening in politics there was much more in store for the weekend.

Friday saw 9 low intensity blasts ripping thro the center of India’s IT hub Bangalore(or is it Bengaluruuuu) Saturday was even worse. Gandhiji’s home turf Gujarat(Ahmedabad) was held prey to 17 blasts of similar intensity. All the politicians did was stayed safe in their A/C rooms and made sure that their stereotypical sympathy dialogues(u know wat???) flashed across all TV screens. India’s war against terrorism will be waged and blah blah!!!. And the BJP wants tough terror law(biggest joke!!!). All the Govt. could do is sound a RED ALERT!! in these areas and compensate the family of the dead. Can money compensate lives of the dead??? Can money give the love and affection the dead would have poured in if he weren’t dead. The irony is nobody knows if these people are compensated for sure and those who are compensated accept the loss and take the money.  That as such tells you why the nation is the 2nd largest in corruption(in the world). Money is the language spoken and is the buzz word to close matters out of hand and if all this wasn’t enough the CPI-M says the blasts are to destabilize the nation and a conspiracy to unsettle the country(now when was my country stabilized????). A statement no one could accept after the trust vote tamasha. This is all u will get in democratic India.

And it wasn’t a great start to a weekend for the sports lovers too with India crashing to their third worst defeat ever in test cricket. The so called gurus of spin(the Indians of course!!!) felt Murali was too hot to handle. if Murali was trouble Mendis was double trouble. The double M factor shared 19 off the 20 wickets to fall and made sure Sri Lanka wrapped up the test match in 4 days(or 3???). The funny side of it is that all have come out guns blazing to criticize India for their poor show(where where they when my team was performing???cowards). A few comments i read in cricinfo about the Indian team hurt me a bit. My team will get revenge in the next test(or will they???).

As for my weekend it was near perfect with a lot of travelling and hogging. A couple of parties attended made sure i gained atleast a few kilos. Such was the effect of the food i ate. And finally i have fixed the codec problems which was haunting me from playing divx discs. As i pen this down the acoustics inside my stomach isn’t too good(not after all i ate!!). So i sign off for today. I had a weekend blast and so did India!!! Irony isnt it??


2 thoughts on “THE WEEKEND BLAST

  1. the best thing about probs vth human is the money and money its all ,— so bad money is terror catch them frst the one who throw upon ruling ppl!!! and gud gng down the ground dead ppl!!!!!!!!!Cool stuff mon!!!!!!!

  2. Well, I had a really good time during the day of the Trust Vote. In fact I was really happy to see my day pass away so easily. It was high intensity drama and I was literally glued to the TV all day. And Cricket, yes, it was really disappointing. But I guess the Indians have made up for the loss in the second test match. I thought Mendis would come up with a magical spell. But he wasn’t worth the hype I guess. May be, Test matches really tested his patience. And almost all the players were able to read his spells unlike in the One dayers where he was branded ‘The Mystery Bowler’.

    P.S. Human body can take in only a certain amount of food. Your stomach should have been super saturated that day. Take good care. LOL 😉

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