Many a happenings takin place in this past month…some good,some bad but all u could ask for…lets peek-a-boo into the past months happenings in a flash

NADAL mowed FEDERRER to lift the Wimbledon trophy…so long for the Federrer era.

Jaane tu…ya jaane na…released and Imran Khan won accolades all over.

The music kings were back with their albums…be it Ilayaraja,ARR,Yuvan or Harris…all gave their best shot in their released albums.

Men in Blue lost as usual in yet another Final…Asia Cup was the occasion and SL,the opponents.

Lewis Hamilton was back in the title hunt after a couple of wins in F1.

How can i miss this, the political drama unfolded in the trust vote which eventually the Govt. survived but left thoughts pondering in many a minds.

INDIA was having a BLAST, 25 bombs in a space of 2 days at 2 different locations, Bangalore and Ahmedabad were made scapegoats. And Surat had scares of unexploded bombs, 20 bombs found and defused.

The Dark Knight released all over and the late Heath Ledger frightened all over with his dark potrayal of THE JOKER…an OSCAR in the reconing.

Federrer is on the Verge of being dethroned from his Numero Uno position.

South Africa won against England to gain the lead in the test series.

India saw their batsmen fail by being crushed to their third worst defeat in all cricketing years…thanks to magical spin bowling by the Mendis-Murli duo…both being equally deadly.

Dasavatharam completed 50 days worldwide and is breaking all records worldwide.

Kuselan has released and is recieving rave reviews.

So with an action packed July all we expect is August to be much more thrilling and rivetting as July…watch out Federrer is going down!!!


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