Now that cartoon picture says it all. Cut to April 4,2008, Hoggenagal water issue fast meeting of  Kollywood cine stars, this man made a furious speech, it was so furious that everyone was initially surprised by his comments and really happy that he is in full support for TN in the Hoggenagal issue. An excerpt from his speech here i quote: “Shouldn’t those who place a stumbling block on a drinking water project (in Hoggenagal to benefit some 4 million Tamils) be beaten up to be taught a lesson?”. Cut back to the present and we have the same man just because his movie “KUSELAN” was not allowed to be released in Karnataka begged for forgiveness to the Kannadigas. An excerpt from his speech now i quote: “Money, success and fame have not gone to my head. I carelessly erred in the past due to my eagerness to help the Tamils. If given a chance, I will do much more to help people of Karnataka”. So are Tamilians fools???

Not really!!!. It is Mr.Rajnikanth who is. This very incident goes to show the selfish act of Mr.Rajnikanth who just for a few crores has sold the sentiments of the people of TN. He who answered “i don’t care, i want justice” when reporters asked him what if Kanndigas do not allow you to screen your movie in Karnataka??? is the same man who has now fell flat to the legs of the Kannada Rakshana Vedika(KRV) who said it was a victory for Kannada pride. He has also sent an unconditional apology to the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce president on this issue. Shame on a man who has earned such a status and is being loved by many in TN. He has proved his real self to the people of TN and is not amusing even his fellow actors and members of the Tamil film industry. Instead of doing all this apologizing and stuff he could have just kept “QUIET” on April 4 which would have not led him to this shameful act.

Well all this adds up to one thing, that Rajnikanth has just toyed around with the people of TN and proved to them that he is a good actor in real life too. All he has brought himself with this apology is a release for Kuselan in Karnataka(ah!!!isn’t he a happy man now), a bad name among people of TN(@##^&*((*^%&()) and has won hearts of the Kannada people. This incident just proves how opportunistic and selfish people can be in making things work for them and hats off to Mr.Rajnikanth for showing us just that!!!.

P.S. This post does not aim at sparking racial or regional issues. It just aims at showcasing how people can be oppurtunistic and selfish and can change colours just to get a thing or two done just for the sake of money.


8 thoughts on “THE APOLOGY!!!

  1. May be, Rajini should have been proactive. Or he shouldn’t have at least minced words in his so-called recent ‘Apology'(though he claims it to be a letter of clearance’). I think he is being made a scapegoat amidst this political issue. I wouldn’t call him opportunistic, may be because, he did what was right at that point of time. Rajini had to apologize to save the producer’s skin. Who would want to contradict themselves and apologize for nothing especially when he is a Super Star ! As for the cartoons, I don’t understand the first cartoon. It is kind of confusing and I don’t understand why he is being compared to MGR. As for the last character ‘Rajini’, the name in itself is worth a million ! But the cartoon shows the character in a down trodden situation. The second one is satirical and too good. I like the simplicity of the house and the casualty of the characters. Sometimes, Celebrity status doesn’t do any good. Rajini is a perfect example !

  2. i agree to the fact yo have mentioned that he should have been proactive. If he was so much worried about producers and money he shouldn’t have spoken at all on the day of the fast. By not doing so i feel he has made a real scapegoat out of himself for everyone to butcher. The first cartoon is just a mockery of his Sivaji movie…Its quite simple he first shows him as Sivaji then MGR(which are reel characters) and now the real Rajnikanth is the one who apologizes. It can also if u look from another perspective signify that he is also an actor in real life.

  3. Scapegoats aren’t made of their own choice. People make a scapegoat out of others. Rajini is an example. Did you look at the way the film fraternity was blasting the Kannadigas regarding the Hogennekal issue. Rajini couldn’t have afforded to stay quiet and maintain a low profile. Everybody look upto him and it was necessary for him to make that speech. Just that his speech has back fired now.

  4. He who answered “i don’t care, i want justice” when reporters asked him what if Kanndigas do not allow you to screen your movie in Karnataka??? …i do not have a problem with him apologizing without tellin anythin…he had told this macha first that’s y i feel is is 2 faced…if he hadn said wat i had quoted above it would have been far better…

  5. Rajini is a fool. He does not understand justice, or even dignity, for that matter. The only language he speaks fluently is money. He’s really acted better than in his movies!
    This incident simply adds to the many, many reasons why Kamal Hassan is better than Rajinikanth, not only in acting, but also in all other facets of life.

  6. macha… thala didn’t do as a intensely.. dude, juz yo think it tis incident i mean Neyveli.. appo whole tamil indstry s gone to Neyveli to stop givin electricity to karanta… appo kuda onum nadakala da.. thala inga irrundhae vunaveradham irrundhar… so by means of tis only we got a victory in tht neyveli matter… appo yo ppl wil praise na?? macha… hey i agree wth nithin.. he tried to help s producers da..
    bt de only thing thala sorry keaturuka kudadhu da..:(

  7. @Vissagan
    well said man…i totally go with you with that opinion of yours…Rajni should learn to speak properly in public meeting..words once spoken cannot be taken back so everyone has to chose their words…Mayb Rajni thought being a superstar he could sell off his words.

    trying to help the producers is just an excuse to close this topic(mulu pusanikaya sothula maraikuradhu)…i agree he had nothing much to do than fall flat to the legs of the KSR. Now even looks like TN has shown the exit doors to KUSELAN too…Enna koduma Saravanan idhu

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