Star Cast: Rajnikanth, Pasupathy, Meena, Vadivelu, Nayanthara, Livingston, Prabhu.


If there was ever a movie that i felt that i was robbed of my ticket money, it must be Kuselan for sure. Except a heart warming climax, the movie had absolutely nothing to boast about. Remade from the Malayalam super hit movie “Katha Parayumbol” this movie is rendered a weak storyline by P.Vasu the director of the movie. Halfway into the movie u find it hard to sit in the cinema hall.

The storyline revolves around a simple thread “A Tribute to Friendship”. Balakrishnan(Pasupathy) alias Balu is a barber in a small village. He is so poor that he could not make ends meet even for a days meal. He is a really honest man and refrains from the bad ways of promoting his job like his ex-worker Shanmugam (Vadivelu). News comes that Ashok Kumar(Rajnikanth) ,the  Superstar of tinsel town is shooting in their village for a movie. Everybody comes to know that Balu is a yesteryear friend of the Superstar and wants to catch a glimpse of him through Balu. Everybody including Balu tries in vain to get close to the Superstar and at a point of time the villagers feel Balu is cheated them by lying.

The whole movie pretty much progresses like this until the climax. Superstar Ashok kumar is invited to a 25th annual school day function where he reveals(out of the blue) about how he became a superstar and his best friend Balakrishnan. Pasupathy and Meena fit the bill to a tee, although Meena never looked like a poor mans wife(thanks to the costumes and makeup). Vadivelu is good in parts(but were those vulgar jokes needed!!!) and is becoming too stereotypical. The pick of the comedians are Livingston(Mudhalali) and Group who are behind the Superstar for some sheet(Callsheet!!!lLOL). Nayanthara plays herself and also gets to dance in a two piece for a song which was in no way related to the story. The Movie ends with the Superstar Ashok Kumar ending up at the house of his friend and finally says that his friend should stay with him.

If P.Vasu was in full throttle giving us “Chandramukhi”, he is in no form whatsoever in “Kuselan”. Inspired by the original version he has roped in Rajnikanth and has cooked up a story with punch lines and dialogues suitable to potray Rajnikanth as a Superstar that doen not fit the theme and is weak. The first and second half are a drag except for the climax and some enjoyable comedy by Livingston and Co. The Cinema Cinema song shows its a dedication to the film industry, but then why it shows only the superstar again and again(the picturisation could have been loads better). And Rajnikanth coming in different costumes…Ah!!!Enough of these childish stuff. The music as such is weak and even the BGM’s have the i heard it before effect to it. P.Vasu shows Rajni(Ashok Kumar) in the village to shoot movies but then he shoots Annamalai-2, Chandramukhi-2 and it goes on(How many movies does the superstar act at once!!!makes one wonder). And Prabhu as the head Police officer looks painstakingly obese!!!(can’t tell when he might explode). Looks like P.Vasu was not even confident of the script that he made nayan to dance in a 2 piece which he thought would pull in the crowds to the theatre. And Rajnikanth as superstar can only act like one. Although his explanations about politics and dialogues are good even he could not save the film. And all throughout the film(even the songs) potray Superstar too much and makes u sick!!!. The only saving grace in the movie is by Pasupathy and the tearful climax otherwise i dunno what prompted P.Vasu to make such a movie.

As Rajnikanth says in the movie “Even a Superstar cannot save a movie if it has a bad storyline, the people are not fools to make it run“. Mayb i thought Rajnikanth watched this movie before rendering that dialogue. I thought of giving it 1star but the credit for the climax gets the extra star (Thank God!!! P.Vasu didnt change that atleast).




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