On Aug 11 i was so worried about the India-SL test match (a cricket freak i am) that i got up early (8 am Kuwait time) to get a glimpse of what was happening. As usual the cable current was a goner and i was not getting Ten Sports. So with utter disappointment and sadness i was surfing the channels to see what was going on. And what i saw in one of the Indian news channels really made me proud (it should have made all Indian’s Proud). ABHINAV BINDRA had shot his way to the podium to grab GOLD at the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

The 26 year old Abhinav Bindra has done what no individual Indian has done in the Olympics. Win Gold!!!. India’s last gold taste came way back in 1980 with the Indian Hockey team grabbing Gold. Ironical enough Bindra wasn’t even born when that occurred. The lad has brought smiles back to the sports ministry’s face and saved India from the blushes of returning back without a medal & also he had given news to the Indian media who kept on playing Bindra’s podium act all day long only to be interrupted by interviews with his kins. And as i write this the hype of his medal win is has already taken the backseat in the news.

It is a dream for every individual to strike gold at the Olympics and Abhinav captured his dreams and brought joy to a billion people. Ironically, less than 1% of Indians knew who Bindra was before his golden act. He will be congratulated and presented with mementos when he returns for sure, but  the hero he was will be forgotten a month after that. That is India for u, a nation so obsessed with cricket that even games like hockey (National Game) and football have no importance. For a country populated by a billion people , Indians were always the perennial under performers at the Olympics. Just shows the sorry state of the state of sports development in the nation.

With bigger names around viz…Sania (who has never won a match in the bigger stage for atleast from the time i knew her…LOL), Gagan Narang, Rajvardhan Singh Rathore (last Olympics Silver medallist), Anjali Bhagat, Manavjit Singh Sandhu etcc….the list goes on, the only medal India won came from ABHINAV BINDRA – a salute to you for making INDIA PROUD.

Abhinav spoke to the media after his return and was quoted telling the media it was his day and that was the reason he got his act right. So i dug up some facts as what might have made it his day. Interestingly i fell upon this, he was born on the 28th (forget the month just look at the numbers), India had last won an Olympic gold 28 years back (striking something similar) and the Olympic gold for India through Bindra comes in 2008 (Hmmn…that just about sums up his words). Irony or Coincidence however u take it the Gold will still be ours. Thanks Abhinav!!! Happy Independence Day !!!

P.S: Paes-Bhupathi hav advanced to the quarters and are yet another medal prospect, so waiting with crossed fingers for their game. Also Asianet quoted “ABINAV BINDRA INDIAVINDA ABHIMANA BINDRA AYEEE…”, let’s see for how many years (or days)



  1. All of us are proud of Abhinav Bindra. Three Cheers to him. With the national anthem playing and the Indian flag unfurling, it was a sight to be cherished for long. As far his training is concerned, let’s not forget that he was trained in Germany and also he had the best facilities in place, courtesy his affluence. And I think, it was so good of Samsung to have actually sponsored the contingent’s Olympic tourney. Like he said, it was his day the other day. It would be somebody else’s day some other day or may be in the next Olympics. His Tryst with Glory has come at the right time for him and for the entire nation. Happy Independence Day 🙂

  2. Indeed it was his day and also i dug up some interesting facts surfing the net…ill update it in the post here…Abhinav was born on 28th, India last won an Olympic gold before 28years,and the gold has come now in 2008(i think that defines “it was my day” as told by him)…Irony or coincidence however you take it the Gold is still ours…Proud to be an Indian…And wishing you and your family a very Happy Independence Day:D…Enjoy the Freedom…JAI HIND!!!

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