AEGAN-Music Review




The deadly combo of Ajith-Yuvan is back with AEGAN after their blockbuster BILLA and are bang on target when it comes to the music. Yuvan is on a high after back to back musical hits and is brimming with confidence which is purely visible with the music of AEGAN. This one is surely gonna rock.

Hey Salaa (Blaaze, Naresh Iyer, Md.Aslam)

A song that is gonna be hummed by thousands of THALA fans all over the world. The lyrics just portray that and Blaaze with his amazing rap is taking this song to the top of the charts. Naresh and Aslam do their bit in this rap oriented track with a beautiful flute piece interlude that pleases the listeners. This song has been split up into 3 numbers for caller tunes and is repeated in the original audio CD. A chartbuster for sure.

Yahoo Yahoo (Suvi, Ujjaini, Satyan, Ranjith & Naveen)

A Youth oriented track with wonderful beats by Yuvan. Reminds the fun at the college. A peppy number with all the right ingredients to keep it playing in the hearts of youngsters. Wonderful music and renditions by all the singers(Quite a few). Yet another youth anthem from Yuvan.

Hey Baby (Shankar Mahadevan)

A superb love number sung wonderfully by shankar Mahadevan. The Salsa feel to the song works out really well. “Mallika i love u” is the chant that is gonna haunt all the lovers out there. Nice song with the right mix of instruments. Sticks to you on the first hearing.

Odum Varayil (K.K, Bela Shende)

A typical mass hero song. The lyrics fits in just perfect and is ready to make all Thala fans go haywire when he appears on screen for this song. K.K, back after a long stint does great work of what is bestowed upon him. The voice of Bela Shende requires some fine tuning. An anthem for all THALA fans.

Kichu Kichu (Vasundhara Dass, Yuvan Shankar Raja)

A sensuous number. Just imagine Nayanthara dancing to these tunes. Vasundhara Dass does a neat job with the feel and rendition. Amother song from Yuvan with heavy beats. Yuvan is at his best when he sings a line or two in this number. A song that is gonna leave many with sleepless nights drooling over Nayan.

Rajster’s Top 3 of the Album:

  1. Hey Baby.
  2. Hey Salaa.
  3. Kichu Kichu.

Rajster’s Verdict:

A real winner with the masses. This album has it all in the right mixes to set the cash registers ringing and also capturing hearts of millions of Thala fans throughout the world. Yet another winner from Yuvan-Ajith Combo.

Aegan-Eh Salaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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