Hola ppl…i’ve been lost in this everchanging world so much so that i hadn’t blogged for almost 3 months. Life has been a roller coaster ride during this time. So much had happened in such short notice. And how good it feels to be back .

Hmmn…first things first, a bear hug to Mom and dad who had gifted me a laptop for my birthday(25th Dec if u didn know already!!) and you guessed right, this is my first post straight from my brand new HP lappie!!!. Cognizant Technology Solutions(the compant that recruited me during my placements on june22nd 2007) never bothered giving us a call up for work which meant i was jobless all the while  for 6 whole months. In the process of being joblesssss i eventually got bored to an extent that i had taken up a job in a call center.

The job was pretty decent but life became pretty hectic all of a sudden. Nights were days and days were nights and getting used to it was a whole new experience. Life became a routine…sleep,eat,work…sleep,eat,work….aaagrh!!! Boredom set in once again. And in the heat of things i had to prepare for my IELTS exam and i just had a weeks time in hand to do so without any training and a practice book with couple of CD’s and a good friend to guide me.

Getting your first salary is a totally diferent experience for everyone(does anyone disagree?). Finally on 12th dec i got exactly Rs.4839 /- which was almost half my original salary since i had worked only for half a month. Oh!! what a feelin it was. Gave rs.1000/- to grandparents and sister made me spend Rs.750/- for her. Planning to get something for mom and dad(Suggestions most welcome).

And that was the end of that. The firm i was working in shut down due to economical reasons(global meltdown i guess) and we were denied salary for almost 20 days we had worked. This happened on the 19th dec and i had my IELTS exam on 20th morning. Thanks to my friend and the model guide. did the exam really well. Fingers crossed for the results.

All that had happened has happened for the good,or should i say the best. I had a low key birthday party at home on christmas day and it was the best birthday ever!!!!!!!

If this was my case ,the world wasn’t doing any better. Paycuts,Pinkslips,War and what not???. 26/11 was unforgettable. So much to write about, but its already 2 am and my eyes are drooping…so watch out for the next post…SABBA KHAIR!!!


2 thoughts on “I’M BACK…

  1. Hey
    Good to see the blog rolling once again. Okiess…now the formality part…Belated B’Day wishes . Congratz on the Lappie. Longing to buy one soon for myself 😀 Congratz on the IELTS exam too. I am sure the results would be satisfying.Lastly…Congratz on your first month salary. Its a great feeling to get your first month salary. Suggestions???…hmmm….How about a couple watch for Ma and Pa??? Or a framed photograph of your parent’s most treasured pic? Well, do keep me updated on what you zeroed in on. Hoping to see you people start working in CTS right away. My work life hasn’t been too exciting but I must confess that it isn’t boring too. It’s good to live a monotonous work life than spending a dull home life with eyes keenly checking those empty mail boxes a dozen times a day for that one stupid mail from the company !!! Keep blogging. Out of the 20 and odd feeds that I have given to a variety of blogs, my reader comes up with updates on the most boring ones ever. And hey…do read Sunshine’s blog (few of the posts are up on my Interesting Reads) They are really good. I just cant stop mentioning about that blog to people !!! Oww…I guess I will make myself the lady’s publicity manager 😉

    Anyways, keep blogging. Have a good new year 😀

  2. thank u sivapriya for all the wishes and recommendations…will let u know once i zero in on somethin for the gift…checked out sunshine’s blog…loved the writing style…”just read ïts not over …..” great thoughts.

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