WELCOME 2009!!!


Let us all hope that this NEW YEAR brings in HOPE, HAPPINESS, PROSPERITY, PEACE, JOY and SUCCESS to eveyone. I wish all my friends,readers,co bloggers and everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009.

The song VELLAI POOKAL by A.R.RAHMAN immediately struck a chord in my mind when i thought of 2009,esp. the lyrics of the song. Let us give PEACE a CHANCE this year and let love blossom.

Singer: ARRahman

VeLLai PookaL ulagam engum malarhavae
vidiyum Bhoomi amaidhikaaga vidihavae
manmel manjal veluchcham vizhuhavae
malarae sombal muRiththu ezhuhavae
kuzhanthai vizhikattumae
Thaayin katha kathappil
ulagam vidiyattumae
piLLayin sirumugha siRippil (VeLLai)

kaatrin perisaiyil
mazhai paadum paadangalum oru maunam poal inbam tarumooOO
koadi keertanamum kavi koartha vaarthaiygalum thuLi kaNNer poal arththam tharumo (VeLLai)

yengusiru kuzhanthai than kaigal neetidumo
angu thondrayo koLLai nilavae
enghu manidha Inam poar oyinthu sayinthidumo
angu koovadho veLLai kuyilae (VeLLai)


One thought on “WELCOME 2009!!!

  1. Woww….That’s a coincidence !!! I had been listening to this song for more than 5 times today and I see it here on this blog !!! The flute portion towards the start of second charanam is mind blowing !!! That portion of music alone has the power to bring about

    Manmel manjal vellicham vizhugave…..

    Hats off to the lyricist and of course AR…And yes, the flautist too 😀 Happy New Year 😀

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