2009 has already started weaving its magic. Today i am a happy man thanks largely to my IELTS score. I got it a bit late but it was worth the wait. A band score of 8 & i’ll settle for that. From morning 11am i was glued to my lappie,connected to the internet and was waiting eagerly for my results only to get the message RESULT DETAILS NOT FOUND!!! every time i filled my details in. It was 12.30 and still there were no improvements. A call from my friend who had taken the test with me confirmed the results were out, but i was one of the then unlucky person who neither got an sms nor the online result. Within minutes all my friends who had taken the test with me had got their scores and had called. IDP had informed me it was a technical snag and will be clarified by 6pm when i had called them to inquire. But, at 6pm it was the same story all over again and i was told i would be getting mine latest by tomorrow morning 10am. Just when i had lost all hope that my results would come today, in came an sms which just proved to be lucky. As i had interpreted i had done my writing horribly and it showed. A 6.5 in writing. Reading & Listening were my life saviors with me hitting the bull’s eye for both. A perfect 9. Speaking came in a 7.5 as expected and an overall of 8. To my good friends Sam & Natraj, THANKS would be the least i could say to them for all the help they have been during this stint. THANKS A LOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT GUYS!!!. My journey towards my long lived dream has just begun, and that too on a positive note. Hope 2009 holds many more surprises that changes my DREAMS to REALITY!!!


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