Been pretty long since my last post, its not that i didn’t have any time to blog ,i just didn’t feel complete to make a post. And everyday something new happens in this mad mad world. So felt like sharing my views on some of the interesting things happening around.


Wondering what all this is about??? It’s the man who never fails to impress you with his acts. OBAMA is the name. He has accepted in public that his decision on choosing the cabinet members was wrong. Now tell me one President who would do that. Hats off to u MR.PRESIDENT. And news is that he has also banned smoking in the white house(being a chain smoker himself). Now thats what i call “Playing By The Rules”.


argolden2_fullI think the name says it all. Congrats to ARR for bringing the BAFTA and GOLDEN GLOBE home. and all thats left is the OSCAR. I’m sure hed bring that home too. Hats off to u Rahman ji. I wanted to make a more detailed post on Rahman, but ill do it sometime else. And have you people heard Delhi-6, if you haven’t try it and get mesmerized. Jai Ho!!!


slum-dog-millionaireYes, the whole world is talking about it and i am no exception. I’d say its an exceptional movie with a taut screenplay to woo the audiences. The only thing that puts me off is that it is not an INDIAN movie, it’s a Brits movie based on the INDIAN SLUMS with INDIAN actors. I do not see any fairness in the INDIAN MEDIA going gaa ga over it being an INDIAN movie. If at all it wins an OSCAR, it is going straight to Mr.Danny Boyle’s showcase and not comin to India. We should only be proud if Rahman gets 1 for his mindblowing Soundtrack,which he ultimately will. Impossible is Nothing.


b_nadal_1_17This years AUSTRALIAN OPEN saw some of the best tennis ever played. Big seeds crashed out in the men’s draw and for all those who expected the finals would be the most entertaining match, enter FeRNANDO VERDASCO and it was all a dream.


Whoa!!! that boy sure knows to play his aces well. He made Nadal run for his money in the Semi-Final setting the longesst ever battle down under at 5h 14m. And the end result of the semi final read 6-7,6-4,7-6,6-7,6-4. And if that wasn’t enough with just a day’s gap in between Nadal had to play RF in the FINALS. And for all those who thought


For all who thought he is old,

For all who thought he has lost it,

For all who thought he can’t be NO.1 again.

You were right. NADAL was his NEMESIS and this time down under. All federer could do was CRY at the trophy presentation ceremony, this time out of sheer frustration. NADAL is here to stay.


It wasn’t such a bad outing for INDIANS too down under. SANIA(ya you heard that right!!) and MAHESH tasted victory in the Mixed Doubles winning the title with atmost ease. Their temprament was outstanding and i was all at sea watchin SANIA play. They called all the shots!!! one should say.


97605That was the story the whole cricketing world is talking about. Australia lost the test series to South Africa 2-1 and literally speaking they lost it to one man JEAN PAUL DUMINY. The Duminy factor turned matches on its heels and knocked australia off the top position in ICC WORLD TEST & ODI RANKINGS. Duminy was just too hot to handle even for the mighty Aussies.


indThe Lankan Lions were Humbled by Dhoni’s Boys at their own backyard. The men in blue pipd the Lankans 4-1 in a 5 match ODI series and BROTHERS IN ARMS(Yusuf & Irfan Pathan) destroyed any hope of their T20 Win. Hmmn!!! the big question is WHERE IS MENDIS NOW??? it’s all for u to answer, use your imagination.


98842West Indies(W.I) humiliated England by bowling them out for just 51 runs in the first test at the Carribean. A lead of just 74 runs was more than enough to get an innings victory. Glimpses i shoud say of perfect fast bowling display by JR TAYLOR and CO has left England in the Ruins. Hmmn!!! Too hot to handle i guess??


_42361683_kpfredpa416IPL saw yet another auction and Dhoni was jointly Pipd by KP and FREDDIE as the highest paid being sold for a record price of 1.65m(7.65 Crores). Thats a lotta money. Chennai Super Kings bagged Flintoff and The Test team of Mr.Mallya The Bangalore Royal Challengers Bagged KP. Among other big names Neeta Ambani povketed Duminy and Juhi Chawla pocketed Mortaza for $650,000 almost 12 times his base prize. All we can do is wait and watch all these Fishes in action to say who got the best catch!!!



Chelsea has sprung out yet another surprise showing the door to LUIZ FELIPE SCOLARI. Just 7 months into his job SCOLARI was shown the exit by Chelsea Owner Roman Abrahamovich. It is to note that he was the third manager in 18 months. And he was sacked because they were losing…thats Saddddddddddd!!! And now Guus Hiddink is on board lets just see how long he stays or is made stay.


Manchester United beat all odds and are now sitting pretty on the top of the Championship table. And they have gone the longest without conceding a goal. Now that’s quite an achievement. Glory Glory Man Utd!!!



RATING: bw-star-4

Finally the spectacle had arrived. Bala’s magnum opus Naan kadavul was released a week ago and has surpassed all expectations. Watching it was a magical experience and such films should be entertained. It was pure cinema(more hard hitting than bala’s any other creation). The way in which he had potrayed the Underworld mafia and life of AGHORI saints makes the film worth the wait. And to top it all was some spellbinding performances from ARYA and POOJA(National awards confirmed!!!). And if all that wasn’t just enough there was Maestro Ilayaraja who made a strong impact with his superficial music. A winner of all sorts is this movie. Although the family audiences and faint hearted may call it crude, the movie is here to stay and take TAMIL CINEMA to greater heights. Ahem Brahmasmee!!!!


vennila-kabadi-kuzhuRATING: bw-star-4

Yet another impressive attempt on the silverscreen. Although it runs on the lines of Chak De!!, Lagaan etc…this one is fresh…very fresh. The director has coming out in flying colours with wat ever he wanted to tell the audiences. Although the climax could have been different, this one makes an impact. The comedy is impeccable esp. the one in the Parotta Stall. Watching it in Trichy made it all the more special. Awesome performances with some well etched characters this movie will always be close to your heart. And it is also based on a true story. Well done Director.


When the indian police and government are busy finding how Pakistan was involved, there is this funny man named Yusuf Raza Gilani who amazingly is the PM of Pakistan who has found different answers for the question. The Answer is a different “NO” everytime in different voice modulations. And the biggest comedy of all is they are also declaring Kasab as a terrorist and want him handed over to them so that they could try him(What atrocious comedy!!!). Now atleast today they hav accepted 26/11 was planned in Pakistan(Finally!!!). Now they will take another year to actually plan what to do next. Phew!!


Pera ketta Udaney Summa Athirudhilla!!!(After hearing the name it shakes u!!! Literally). It seems their main activity is to go around kicking and creating controversies. 2 girls beaten up at a mangalore pub. Hmmn tomro its Valentines Day, i guess they will be keenly watchin as to kick whose butt and they call it MORAL Policing. Jai Muthalik!

And my brain is drained now, so until next post ALVIDA!!!



  1. Waaawww….Now that’s a run through of all that’s happening across the world !!! Thanx for enlightening me on all of this (u see, I am struck by this work-o-mania of late, the result of which is ISOLATION and sheer IGNORANCE…)

    Obama-The last that I heard of Obama was his victory speech(and lemme tell you, that happened on a day when I switched on the TV after aeons together…fortunately, I got him on time)The guy amazes me…dunno why….I’m glad that he is black…You see I have this strange affinity to the colors of Indian blacks.

    ARR-hmmm….Jai Ho didn’t impress me much. I have always wondered why the best of ARR has never appealed to the foreign audience. His average scores like the Jai Ho, O Saya have caught their attention. In fact, I don’t find it these songs happening. I think it’s just the hype that is keeping the music topping the charts out here in India.

    Australian Open-You needn’t have brought this up 😦 It depresses me 😦 That was so rude 😦 (What you had written of Fedex) My heart exploded when he lost. But it’s ok, Fedex is brave. He might or might not make it in the coming years, but he will be the most loved one 😀 The nemesis will have his nemesis right down under very soon.

    Well, I have been ignorant about the rest. But the promos of Naan Kadavul looked gory. Would want to give it a try

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