a word that has haunted the lives of many in the past year. It hasn’t left anyone and everyone bamboozled. Be it a CEO or an unemployed youth. It has played with them all. And as FATE would have it, our batch of enginners have passed out right into the recession. Thanks to RECESSION our careers haven’t even kickstarted. Even companies that recruited us are going for the kill(cancelling our orders). And every second seems like eternity. And moreover there are these people who are really interested in what we do than what they do, who come to bug us with those wonderful questions. Oh!!! God when will this end. I am already down and out but still have an iota of patience and will left. This post might look funny but it is the extreme frustration of an unemployed youth who feels his career is on the verge of being ruined…


One thought on “RECESSION…

  1. Now I know how ruthless life could be. It is definitely not a bed of roses. ‘Recession’ is a word of the past. Any idea on the recent list of jinxed words used now? ‘Optimization’, ‘Layoffs’ are a few. And Woww….it feels extremely glad to be hitting THE BENCH 😐 X-( I am expecting a really FAST life now ! All the time for my loved ones ! 😐

    I have been through this frustration before I got my call. Just that, I was lucky enough to join early. The other side of the meadow is always green. Is that consoling??? I was told that !!! I am glad you aren’t running out of patience(not like you have an option thou’ but still…) I am sure your patience will be rewarded soon. I understand how frustrating it is especially for a guy. May be something interesting and good is in store for you.

    Easily said right??? Advises come free of cost isn’t it? But its nice to fill up a WordPress’ comment page 😀 😉

    And hey keep writing. Good to see you blog after a long time. Best of luck.

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