It’s so great to be back to doing what i like doing…blog!!! Yeah people the past month wasn’t just a walk in the park…the same old advices, the same old wait, the same old questions…looks like it’s never gonna end. And thanks largely to Airtel who have suspended the daily, weekly and monthly packages for GPRS…i was at sea all APRIL itching to somehow get an internet connection some other way. 50ps./30kb isn’t amusing at all, i got robbed of 35INR for just checking my mail. Now thats what i call daylight robbery. And here i am blogging at will from my aunts place. the best thing is i do not have to pay for the internet!!! Yipeeeeeee!!!

Enough hogwash about me, let’s talk business here. The Circus has begun, yeah you guessed right. Its election time here at home and boy the news channels are really busy. Who’ll win it???? who has the edge na and all that bullsh*t. And yes Ipl had begun and the stadiums are quite empty. it’s funny though when the commentators say its a jam packed stadium here when actually the camera shows the empty stands right behing behind them…LOL!!! And the strategy breaks aren’t helping matters here. The only thing that is interesting about the IPL is the FAKEIPLPLAYER’s blog. And the matches have been far from exciting barring a few. The KKR and BRC are fighting really hard to get the covetted last spot.  whatever!!! who cares now about these teams…even their owners have given up. Where’s SRK?? Korbo Lorbo Har bole…hee hee he:)

Politics isn’t really my bed of roses. I am really bad at it. I really do not understand the alliances simply because today they are together and tomoro you really have no clue whom they are with. Phew!!! REALLY TOUGH TO GET THE ACT RIGHT. Although i follow the important news i always kinda maintain a low profile when it comes to election news. So i stop here.



Lanka is on the boil. Mr. Rajapakshe is hat on the trail looking for Prabhakaran,the LTTE chief. “Fast” Dramas were enacted in TN to gain political brownie points. It has all become a political game now. so who cares about the lives of people??? Not the politicians atleast!!!

A friend of mine has gotten back to his bloggin best again after a hiatus of 4 years. He is a great writer and i am expecting him to set his blog on fire which he has promised. All the best mate!!!

Something called SWINE FLU is killing people around the world. WHO has sounded a level 5 alarm around the world. But it is still deadly. So take extra care to close your mouths when you sneeze or cough and run like Usain Bolt far away from a person infected with swine flu when he is about to sneeze. No hard feelings meant. Take Care.

P.S. Please this message is strictly for adults. Below 18 years please refrin from reading. PLEASE VOTE FOR CHANGE!!!

P.P.S. Today is the birthday of my beloved “THALA” Ajith Kumar. A great example of Self Confidence and Humanity. I wish him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY THALA. You ROCK!!!

P.P.P.S. I’ve had a change in plans lately. Will reveal all in coming posts. Cya….


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