barcvsmanIt’s decided people…And after 95 mins you gotta feel for Chelsea, they were on top for say 93 mins and then they were robbed of a place in the Champions League final in the cruellest of fashions. Poor Chelsea(and they were talking about beating Man Utd in the final…first reach there mates). So Iniesta who broke many hearts will be worshiped all over Spain. But not for long. Come May 27 and we will know why United are the best in the world. And as for Chelsea, Mr.Drogba you simply cannot do what you did after the match!!! “You are a f**kin disgrace” since you did that. That will keep you out for sometime. Chelsea can go on and on about refereeing decisions and UEFA not wanting 2 english teams in the Final and all that crap but all that matters is at full time all that mattered was as i wrote before “An Away Goal”. So get ready for a cracker, brace yourselves, the RED DEVILS are in full throttle to paint ROME RED!!! Glory Glory Man Utd!!!


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