Its been months since my last post and i haven’t had the opportunity even if i wanted to make a post, but i had to do this for a man who gave a new meaning to the word MUSIC as the world saw it. Here goes my tribute to the KING OF POP M.J. As the world mourns the death of a singer,a dancer,a performer,an entertainer, call him what you care he was the man, the THRILLER. He was loved by all. Rewinding back to the mid 1990’s i still remember dancing to REMEMBER THE TIME everytime it was played at home. Then i knew a man called M.J existed and his music was spellbinding. And then came the new revolution in dance…The MoonWalk, even today i secretly practise MoonWalking inside the bathroom(simply because thats the only place where i can slide backwards pretty easily) but Jacko could do it even on a mountain terrain. Such was his talent. Then as years went on the name faded to oblivion and was in the news for all the wrong reasons M.J was no more the man i used to know. He was in all kinds of problems, but he had one thing with him that nobody else possessed, the aura to entertain. And he was about to do the same come July 10, but god had other plans though. He cut short the life of a man who gave us so much with his music. You Live in your Music M.J!!!! The time has come for you to entertain the gods, show them your dance steps and let them be mesmerized!!!! RIP


One thought on ““THRILLER” NO MORE-R.I.P M.J

  1. Coroner
    Beer drunk at a wake.

    Lying in state
    When the undertaker hasn’t had a chance to tidy up the corpse.

    Laying out the body
    Having a fight with the corpse because you’ve drunk too much coroner.

    Rogueish corpse that eyes up young ladies with bounderish intent.

    Place where bodies are burned. It helps to be dead first.

    What smoke comes out of at the crematorium.

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