AADHAVAN-Movie Review




RATING: bw-star-2

Well not exactly where i wanted to see it but then in KUWAIT only once in a blue moon a tamil movie releases and being DIWALI caught up Aadhavan at Ajial cinemas. Coming to the point, when the name SURYA flashed with so much buildup, you tend to feel ivarukku ivlo buildup ah!!! and this movie proves just that. Tiresome watch this movie AADHAVAN running at 3h15m. Real disappointed that KSR has given such crap. I will SAY that VADIVELU is the only saving grace for this movie. He just rocks. Saroja Devi is wasted & so are so many talented people in this movie. Nayanthara has done her bit. ANU HASSAN & MURALI(Late) have sparkled in their respective roles esp. Anu Hassan even though she comes for 10 minutes.

The graphics is a big letdown. The starting 20 mins you’ll surely twitch in your seats. A hats off for the team for tryin to do something different by making Surya act as 10 year old but sorry the output is downright FUNNY rather than applaudible. Surya tries to be others when he himself can bring on so much charisma onscreen. Doing this he has spoilt all the hard work he had done for his past movies. Surya has overacted in many parts and the fights are too exaggerated & proves he can also fly without wings(Remember KURUVI) by jumping from one building to another in a way that even SPIDEY will be jealous. He was a charmer in the songs and Nayanthara has done her part well in whatever scope there was for her to perform. AnandBabu(Son of the Late.Nagesh) has done a decent job considering its his comeback ticket. The rest of the croud, sorry cast come in droves that it is really hard to remember each one of them. Ramesh Khanna, the story writer needs to think bigtime to come up with a proper story. Sorry sir, this story can hardly be called one, it can be called TORTURE!!!

Songs are a treat to watch. Yeno Yeno and Hasili Fisili are picturised really well. Vaaraayo Vaaraayo is differently well picturised. Maasi Maasi might get more listeners after picturisation, but it was not at all needed considering the length of the movie. A RAP bit that comes about the father is GOOD. Other than that the background score is a big letdown Mr.Harris. KSR & the producer UDHAYANIDHI come at the end and multiply the tiredness u already have. And they say UDHAYANIDHI is comin to tinsel town as a HERO(GOD save the people).

1st Half- Torture initially then VADIVELU, VADIVELU, VADIVELU.

2nd Half- Some TWISTS!!!(only some) and then TORTURE!!!

2 stars only for VADIVELU



8 thoughts on “AADHAVAN-Movie Review

    • even ksr cannot be blamed…the whole blame must go to the story writer for a poor story…Mr.Ramesh Khanna should face the muzicccccccc

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