It’s that time of the year when the years two best teams face head to head at Stamford Bridge,home of Chelsea FC to prove that only one of them is “THE” BEST. I would be tricky for Man Utd considering the fact that they are away from home and Chelsea are on a roll. Stamford Bridge is no walk in the park for Man Utd since they haven’t won a game there for atleat 10 years staight. But everyone could be in for a surprise today. Anything could happen. Sparks will fly, Words exchanges at the heat of the moment, Flashes of brilliance and that is what will help either team win the match. All we fans hope for is that we get a great game of football that we can relish for the rest of our lives. It should be “The” Best Game.

Rajster’s Prediction:

Hmmn. This is a tough one. Being a Man Utd Fan i hate to see my team lose but at the same time it would be a fierce contest and i go for a 22 draw with Rooney & Valencia on the scoresheet for the Red Devils & a brace from Drogba for the Blues.



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