3idiots-Movie Review

3idiots-were we cheated???





There are some movies which makes you cry, some makes you laugh, some makes you feel for the protagonists and some eventually make you feel good. Well, 3 idiots does everything to you in one movie.

The film based on the popular book 5 point someone by Chetan Bhagat(i hope i have given him due credits ;P), is the story of how one person changes the lives of his friends and then leaves them to be never seen again. The quest and journey to find him follows.

The film starts off with two friends Farhan(R.Madhavan) & Raju Rastogi(Sharmaan Joshi) going back to their college on the call of Chatur(Omi), so that they could meet their long lost friend Rancho(Aamir Khan). Then follows a string of scenes which eventually runs a flashback where our heroes are joining college. And as expected our heroes are roommates.

The rest of the movie showcases how our heroes bond with each other. How Rancho changes each of their lives, how Rancho finds the love of his life and finally how Rancho teaches the director a lesson.

Aamir khan the perfectionist he is plays Rancho with ease. He just proves why he is Mr. Perfect and the most bankable star now.

Boman Irani as Virushastra Budde(VIRUS) picks up from where he left off in MunnaBhai MBBS. Only he is the director of an engg. college here.

R.Madhavan & Sharmaan Joshi as Farhan Qureshi & Raju Rastogi respectively give life to the roles they play.

Kareena Kapoor as Pia, the love interest of Rancho is a show stealer. She sparkles with her performance although she comes for very little time.

But, the revelation of the film is Omi Vaidya who plays Chatur/ Silencer, who is a memorize and vomit kind of guy from Uganda and speaks funny Hindi. The Balatkaar speech scene is the highlight of the film.

Finally Rajkumar Hirani the director, has changed the medical college to Engineering college, Changed the heroes of the film, sugar quoted the dialogues with much humour and has given 3 Idiots derived from the much acclaimed MunnaBhai MBBS movie.

In the end though 3 idiots delivers everything. Laughter,tears,sympathy and love, but don’t we feel cheated??? Be entertained. It is for sure a good movie but not Great!!!

Rajster’s Verdict: 3idiots-Were we cheated???


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