UP IN THE AIR-Movie Review

Up in the air- Flying High!!!




Watching UP IN THE AIR will teach you the stark reality of life. Ryan Bingham(George Clooney) has a job that leaves him traveling around the country firing people from their jobs. He is an expert in doing the same and really loves what he is doing until his company plans to ground all its workers and implement video conferencing to fire people. This does not go well with Bingham and he wants to teach Natalie Keener(Anna Kendrick),who gives the idea of video conferencing how in reality his job works. So he takes her as his assistant and travels around the country firing people and in the process they learn a thing or two about the lives they live.

George Clooney is charming as ever playing Ryan Bingham, be it him giving the motivational Unpacking your Backpack speech or the scene where in the beginning he tells you what his job his. The film belongs to Clooney, who conveys the life of emptiness of a charming man to a T. This according to me is his best performance ever.

Vera Farmiga has a well constructed role of playing Clooney’s friend, which she has delivered without much hiccups. Don’t be surprised if she lands an Oscar.

Anna Kendrick portrays the present youth before your eyes. Confused, always questioning and stealing your hearts. Watch out for this girl in the future. The real winner is the script peppered with some wonderful dialogues which are deemed to be the best of the year and an awesome screenplay by Jason Reitman. This is by far Jason’s best and let us hope the best is yet to come.

Even after you finish watching the movie the characters stay with you for a long time. UP IN THE AIR is definitely one of the best movies you will ever watch in your lifetime!

Rajster’s verdict- Up in the air-Flying High!!!


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