Holmes like never before!!!





Having read various books and short stories of Sherlock Holmes in my childhood days, i was kind of a Holmes fan. But i was in for a shock when i started watching Guy Ritchie’s modern interpretation of the super sleuth. It was all the same but totally different. That’s how Guy Ritchie works.

The story goes like Lord Blackwood(Mark Strong) returns from the grave after being hanged after being caught by Holmes(RDJ) for a series of murders using black magic. After his return he takes different ways to kill people magically until Holmes with the help of Watson(Jude Law) & Irene Adler(Rachel Mc Adams) prove that “throughout history, every mystery ever solved has turned out to be… not magic!”.

Earlier reviews made me believe Holmes was an action hero, but after watching the movie except for the occasional fistcuffs, he remained effete, proper and most importantly intellectual as ever. Robert Downey Jr. was the best choice for this role and he is having a time of his life post Iron Man and everything he touches is gold.

I loved the way Watson was portrayed in the film rather than the book where he plays second fiddle. Jude Law‘s Watson is sharp, snappy, intelligent and every bit equal to Holmes on all tasks. This detailing meant that there was less need of explanation.

Mark Strong as Lord Blackwood has to be given credit. He is as dark as his character wanted him to be. I loved him in Rock n Rolla and he has impressed me yet again.

The rest of the characters have very less to do and Rachel McAdams(Irene Adler) was used in this movie just to provide her more space in the sequel where Holmes goes on a mission to get Prof. Moriarty(rumored to be played by Brad Pitt in the Sequel).

The camaraderie between the leads is amazing.  Some scenes were just too good. The fight scene in the arena where Holmes hits a man for spitting at the back of his head and the scene where they get blown off deserve special mention. Music by Hans Zimmer is awesome and the soundtrack is too good to be forgotten. An Oscar awaits. Guy Ritchie’s dialogues are crisp and witty as ever and that to an extent ma this film work wonders.

Overall its a film which presents a all new Holmes like never seen before.

Rajster’s Verdict:

And for all those asking the verdict is “Elementary Mr.Watson, Just go for it!!!”


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