Paiyaa-Ride to Success




Director Lingusamy after a forgettable “BHEEMA” takes us on a ride that is PAIYAA. With 2 critically acclaimed films to his name Karthi is all set to steal your hearts again in Paiyaa.
So, what is Paiyaa all about??? A young man and a woman are on a journey from Bangalore to Mumbai in a car. When  unknown persons join their three day journey, unexpected twists and interesting things happen. This is the simplest way the story can be said without much spoilers. The movie offers everything…comedy, fights, action sequences, love & all the mass masala ingredients. Perhaps some of the fights go over the board with our hero smashing up 40 baddies on his own not only once but twice!!!(typical for tamil cinema eh!!!). Lingusamy makes it racy enough to make you sit up and take notice. You do and suddenly after the intermission the film starts to meander slowly at snail pace(mainly contributed to the flashback & a song) finally arriving at the climax which i must say was very much typical Lingusamy style.
Coming to the performances, KARTHI sparkles as Shiva. His infectious smile, attitude & perfect comic timing makes him a treat to watch. To say to the least he carries the film totally on his shoulders. Tamannah has a good role but can learn to act a little better. Most of her expressions are the same and her makeup artist has made a mess out of her face. The 5 people who come as the hero’s friends would have been a real good deal only if their lip syncing was perfect. it is awful to say the least. Milind Soman as the baddie has totally been wasted. He is there in the film to get bashed up by our hero not once but twice. Then there are a group of people who are in the movie to just get beaten up by our hero. Jagan although he appears for a short time(about 15mins) on screen needs special mention since he makes you roar with laughter. That man is sure gifted!
Cinematography by Madhi is good but the backbone of the movie lies in Yuvan’s music. Soulful songs and fantastic BGM’s makes Paiyaa a treat to watch. Lingusamy scores in the direction department. Although more than half the film is shot in a car never does he let you turn away bored! Well done Mr.Lingusamy!

Rajster’s Verdict:

Paiyaa- Take the Ride. You will not be disappointed.


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