KITES-Movie Review

Kites-Flying High!!!




After almost 3 years in the offing, finally kites is up and flying high up in the sky. Being no big fan of some very ordinary Hindi films of late i decided to watch this movie with zero expectations. And, perhaps that did the trick. Kites is a movie that should not be missed. It is by no means a great movie but there is a X-factor to this film that keeps you hooked throughout.

The story is no rocket science and is perhaps the kind of story we rural audiences have been treated to over and over again over the past decade. But there is an ENIGMA about kites that cannot be explained.

The film starts with Jay(Hrithik Roshan) going in search of his love. The story unfolds…Jay, who is a jack of many trades, does things for money. Gina(Kangana Ranaut) falls in love with him. He acts like he loves her for money because she is the daughter of Casino owner & big shot Bob(Kabir Bedi). Enter Tony(Nicholas Brown) & his fianceé Natasha(Barbara Mori). We come to know that Jay & Natasha have earlier married for Natasha to get money and her name is actually Linda. Thus begins a cat and mouse chase which ends at the point where the movie began. And what follows in the climax is whether love triumphs or not!!!

Hrithik Roshan sizzles as Jay. His hard-work seems to have paid off and it shows on screen why he is the hottest of B-town celebs. A well toned physique, sizzling dance moves and an improved acting performance. He is THE MAN!!! in the movie. Barbara Mori provides the glamour quotient. Although she speaks Spanish/Mexican throughout the film, her performance is commendable and deserves credit. The lead pair set the screen on fire with their CHEMISTRY and carry the film on their shoulders. Kangana Ranaut has nothing much to do except to cry in a couple of scenes. Kabir Bedi as Bob is also sidelined. Nicholas Brown seems a promising actor but certainly could have been better. A lot of characters share screen space but those who stay in mind are Robin(Friend of Jay) & Jamal(Driver of Bob). The music is very good with a spanish tinge to it, but we could have done without the songs which although only a couple were unnecessary.

As i write this i hear that Kites-The Remix by Brett Ratner has broken into US TOP 10. So that tells a story that the Kites are Flying High!!! Do fly them!!!

Rajster’s Verdict: Do fly them!!! You will not be disappointed!


2 thoughts on “KITES-Movie Review

  1. Waste reviewer….. U will then say tat Veer is salman’s best movie ever and Veerasamy is best evr tamil movie.. Onnu poda:)

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