5 things this World Cup will be remembered for…

The cup of joy as people call it has come to an end with European Champions Spain proving that they are World Beaters too. Congratulations to Spain. Deserving Winners. And spare a thought for the Dutch (for some strange reason they preferred playing Kung Fu & Karate on the field in the final). Good or Bad, this FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 will be remembered for lot of reasons, but here are the top 5 reasons why it will be remembered for a long long time…

5. The Fall of the BIG GUNS!!!

Messi, Ronaldo, Rooney, Torres…England, Brazil, France, Italy…Big Names…Big Teams…but it never did matter in this world cup as it threw one surprise after another. Pundits were made to eat humble pie at several occasions. New Zealand were the only unbeaten team in this WC, i guess that in itself tells a story. All the BIG GUNS were shown the exit door early. France & Italy(Finalists of WC’2006) exited in Round 1. England in Round 2. Brazil & Argentina followed suit in the quarters. Reputations didn’t matter & as the usual saying goes, the team that played good football were deserving winners on their day.

4. The French Revolution II


Evra Revolts

If exiting in the first round wasn’t embarrassing enough, there was a fallout between the players and coach. It was a national shame & made the headlines of all the dailies. It all started when Anelka was substituted in the game and showed his dissent by throwing lewd word volleys at the coach and was sent back home. Captain Evra refused to train the next day taking the revolt public and the rest was for the world to see.

3.  Ze German Uprising!!!

The German Contingent

They were young, dynamic & ripping apart their opponents one after another. Even Argentina wasn’t spared and were drubbed by 4 goals. They were steadily marching towards that victory that eluded them in 2006, but were stopped short by sizzling Spain in the Semis. Once again they had faltered at the same place but this time around they have shown promise for the future and boy did they show class!!!

2. The Vuvuzela

Viva Vuvuzelaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Love it or loathe it, but you had to bear with it for the whole of 30 days. The sound of swarming bees was the sound of this World Cup.The organizers were adamant that they will not ban the Vuvuzela despite the fearsome opposition it had. The plastic trumpets which could produce up to 220dB of sound, created ripples across the world and as the tournament progressed people got used to it and never did complain. Viva Vuvuzela!!!

1. Pulpo Paul (Octopus Paul)

Pulpo Paul at work

Even as pundits were made to eat humble pie, one man…oops..organism, an octopus to be precise predicted one game after another with utmost ease and came out with a 100% record. Octopus Paul  became a celebrity world over when he predicted German victory over England & Argentina. Although he earned the wrath of the German & Argentine fans(who announced that they will grill him for dinner), He predicted a Spanish victory with ease in the finals, jn the process making PULPO PAUL was the biggest star of this WC.


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