Thoughts of a Wavering Mind!

There are a thousand thoughts in my mind right now. It can explode anytime with one of the thoughts which i eventually end up doing. But, blogging hadn’t exploded even once in the past month. As usual Time & Tide waits for no one & that TIME was particularly hard to find…

The past month was hectic to say the least. Was uber busy since mom had left to INDIA & i had to take up cooking. Have never had full time cooking experience but always had a staunch interest in finding out how to cook & all what i had learnt before had come in handy. Now, i can proudly say that i am a decent cook. Work, Cook, Eat Sleep was the daily routine and usually the Sleep part came at 1am. That tells a story rite! Life had kind of become very mechanical & thanks now to Ramadan, work timings have been shortened and i am getting some well deserved time off to catch up with some movies and blog too. Had watched a handful of movies whenever i got time, but was too lazy(very lazy in fact!) to even write up a review.

Highly anticipated Endhiran audio had released and as usual AR Rahman has dished out slow poison. Surprisingly, Kadhal Anukkal song just stuck the right cords in the first hearing itself. Few songs of Rahman actually do that. Still this album could have been loads better. Watch out for a review sometime later.

Among the films i had watched, a couple deserve special mention. Kick Ass seriously kicked ass. And after a long time in storage finally watched Das Leben Der Andren(The Lives of Others), a sure MUST NEVER MISS film. Watch it with subtitles(it is a German film) & get blown away by the performances.

Tamil Films can never be far behind, can they? Madarasapattinam was fantabulous. Hats off to Dir. Vijay for the effort. Lots of hard work had gone into the film. As an addition have been hooked to the Pookal Pookum song. Amy Jackson is  torturing me in my dreams now :P. Kalavani was also a decent film, nothing great but seriously good acting & humour by Vimal is what clicked. Decent watch. Rest were CRAP! Thillalangadi…Shabbaaaaaaaaa!!!

Well, i am running out of ideas now…maybe sleep mode has gotten switched on. Phir Milenge 🙂


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