Chasing Independence!!!

What is Independence to us? During my teenage years, my idea of Independence day was the function at school. We were dressed at our best with a flag pinned to our chests. We held our heads high, sang the National Anthem and fought for the chocolates after the flag was hoisted…

As, the years went by the meaning of Independence became even more vague. Radio stations alternating between different soundtracks from Roja to Rang De Basanti. Tv channels running different programs about our leaders. We wore patriotism on our sleeve for a day and once the day passes we forget everything.

what are we celebrating? Are we celebrating the fact that we have the most corrupt officials who are ready to salvage the Country’s Pride for Money. Where we proudly announce we are democratic & fight over caste & creed. Where everyday papers carry a news of child abuse, farmer suicides & insecurity to females. India has become a land of more wrongs than rights. INDIA is symbolized as a nation of poverty, corruption & lack of accountability. Our forefathers & the Martyr’s who had shed their lives & blood to get us free would bleed to see INDIA like this.

Have we really valued the freedom that our forefathers & martyr’s have gotten us? Are we really FREE in our mindset?

Freedom just does not mean being free. Freedom does not give us the power to misuse our rights. Freedom gives us the POWER to choose. Choose what is right for us. We have the POWER TO CHOOSE. So, this Independence Day…Celebrate the SPIRIT of INDIA & pledge to yourselves that we will fight against all the ills of the society & build a bigger, better INDIA…FREE OF CORRUPTION, FREE OF CASTE, FREE OF RACISM.

I take leave with these words from Rabindranath Tagore…Jai Hind!!!

Happy Independence Day!


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