ENDHIRAN-Music Review(Tamil)




Academy Award winner A.R.Rahman is back with the most awaited soundtrack of this year. Rahman has once again teamed up with Shankar to give us this extravaganza.

1. Pudhiya Manidha(S.P.Balasubramaniam, A.R.Rahman, Khatija Rahman)

The song typically starts with the digitalized song which we associate with a robot followed by Rahman’s explanation of a robot. Khatija Rahman’s(Daughter of A.R.Rahaman) voice is a sweet addition to the many already talented female singers around. This song doesn’t appeal to you until S.P.B magically turns this into a much more listenable track.

2. Kadhal Anukkal(Vijay Prakash, Shreya Ghoshal)

The pick of the album. Unlike many of Rahman’s SLOW POISON, this song immediately appeals to the listener. Wonderfully orchestrated & melifellously vocalized by Vijay Prakash & Shreya Ghoshal who have done a fabulous job. One for the music charts.

3. Irumbile Oru Idhayam(A.R.Rahman, Kash n’ Krishy)

Yet another digitalized song from Rahman. This song may sound to be a turn off initially. Give it a chance and i bet you cannot stop from humming it. A.R Rahman has worked the magic with his voice. Kash n’Krissy whoever it is (pardon my ignorance) has done a good job to say the least. With the picturisation, this song is set to reach greater heights.

4. Chitti Dance Showcase(Pradeep Vijay, Pravin Mani & Yogi B)

Just as the name of the song indicates, a perfect song(beats to be more specific) to showcase dancing talents of our hero. The orchestrations are superb and Pravin Mani after a long time makes the credits page of an A.R.Rahman album.

5. Arima Arima(Hariharan, Sadhana Sargam)

A letdown in the album. Although the lead singers try their best this song stays out because the rest of the songs seems digitalized(which somewhat blends with the theme of the film).

6. Kilimanjaro(Javed Ali & Chinmayi)

Yet another of those SLOW POISONS. n first hearing you will definitely seem to say what a crazy song, on repeated hearings however humming the lyrics is unstoppable. Chinmayi has done a good job but Javed Ali has to work a lot lore on his Tamil rendition as half of his lyrics are unrecognizable in the middle of the song. Already topping the charts i hear.

7. Boom Boom Robo Da(Yogi B, Keerthi Sagathia, Swetha Mohan, Tanvi Shah)

The hip hop kinda song that glorifies the Robo. Decent song with all those digitalized sounds. Good orchestration.

Rajster’s Top 3 of the Album

1. Kadhal Anukkal

2. Irumbile Oru Idhayam

3. Kilimanjaro

Rajster’s Verdict:

A fairly decent album where A.R.Rahman has tried to experiment with different sounds, but the problem is that these sounds are stereotyped as digital. A letdown from the Academy Award winner. This album is nowhere near his best except for a couple of tracks.


2 thoughts on “ENDHIRAN-Music Review(Tamil)

    • Seriously, i felt that even 3 stars was too much for this album. The music has that MAGIC missing in it. Very very average attempt from Rahman when it comes to the songs. As mentioned nowhere close to his best works IMO.

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