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The biggest extravaganza we had all been waiting for is here. Endhiran is out on the silver screen for the world to see. First things first, hats off to director Shankar for coming up with an original storyline & a pat on the back for giving us breathtaking CG visuals.

Dr. Vaseegaran(Rajnikanth) after 10 years of hard work and expertise creates a humanoid robot and wants to dedicate it to the army to save human lives. The humanoid robot impresses everyone with his antics and is loved by everyone. He intoduces him to the world in the world robotics forum much to the displeasure of his guru Dr. Bohra(Danny Densongpa), who after much failed efforts is still to create a working humanoid. Vaseegaran’s girlfriend Sana(Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) gets bowled over by the robot Chiti(Rajnikanth again). Vaseegaran’s dreams get shattered when Chiti gets rejected by the AIRA(i think that’s the name) AIRD(Robotic approval organization) because he could not understand human emotions. What happens when a robot encounters human emotions forms the rest of the story.

“Superstar” Rajnikanth excels as Vaseegaran & Chiti in the movie. He portrays the ROBOT so wonderfully well that he deserves special praise. ENDHIRAN is an out and out Rajinikanth festival. A treat for his fans. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan looks tantalizingly beautiful(ye, i mean it!). Special mention for the costume designer for getting the costumes pitch perfect. Danny Densongpa does a good job as Dr.Bohra. Santhanam & Karunas as Vaseegaran’s sidekicks provide some much needed light moments.

No film is complete without music. The songs are an instant hit. If Kadhal Anukkal cools our eyes with such exotic visuals, Irumbile provides a great use of colours & sets. Kilimanjaro was the standout song with some great picturisation. Arima Arima fails to impress. Overall the Background music is good in parts but mostly disappointing. A big letdown from Rahman.

The second hero in the film is the CG works. Time, money and heavy food for thought have gone into bringing a visual extravaganza to screen. Hats off to the team for bringing CG visuals which will give Hollywood a run for their money. The mosquito sequence and the climax fight deserve double accolades. Director Shankar has yet again proved that he is a master tactician and a great director by giving us a DIWALI TREAT in advance. Get ready folks for the ride of your life.

Rajster’s Verdict:

ENDHIRAN-Rockstar Robot!!!


11 thoughts on “ENDHIRAN-Movie Review

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  2. Nice review – however you forgot to acknowledge art director Sabu Cyril whose genius is behind the robot and the visuals….

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    • Hey come on… I have given the review with minimum spoilers. Just because i want people to enjoy the film and not spoil their share of fun 🙂

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