RiskMeister’s Tribute to Rajster

Hello Readers,

My younger brother, co-demon & “THE RISK” RAGHUL has surprised me with a TRIBUTE to me & my blog. What more can i say than I AM HONOURED by this action of my bro. He blogs @ THE RISKMEISTER BLOG

Again, I am HONOURED in presenting to you his TRIBUTE to me as written on his blog.


Well known to u readers as Rajster known to me as RAJEV is my big COUSIN BRO and is one of the best  Bro one could ever have …there are somethings money cant buy and those are priceless moments if that’s the case then I am the richest man cause Rajev and I share so many precious moments together.

Let it be playing cricket,wrestling together,dancing,singing,jokes and teasing together always rocked together and always been a role model for the things I mentioned above .This man has such a ability that  if u give a bored look to him he can make the moment so lighting and funny and entertaining .This man is a true inspiration for me in so many things and even education, his patience and knowledge is out of the roof ” come on” he survived in JPR hostel  for 4 years  BRO I SALUTE U FOR THIS MAN I could not even survive for 4 months.

This guys cricket knowledge is unbelievable if u name a player to him he can tell u his stats and achievement within a blink of an eye and how can I forget the pranks we pull on our sister  the way we tease our sisters together and do u remember DEMONS?? .I would say the only man who did not doubt my potential to become an engineer, when everybody said that I would nt clear my backup paper he is the only one who said that I will clear it with ease. THERE are so many reel  heroes only some REAL HEROES bro you are a REAL HERO to me and always will be .. I feel that god should come down to make me write/blog but then I realized he sent u to inspire me to BLOG and now I am BLOGGING at http://riskmeister.blogspot.com because of u and the motivation u gave me(follow rajev on https://rajster.wordpress.com)

BRO U ROCK looking forward for many more precious moments together …U ROCK and together WE RULE!!!!
Indeed we rock together bro! & Thank you so much. Rock On!!! Cheers 🙂

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