Been quite long since i last posted something random. Working has taken its toll. Getting that feel to write has been really hard. But i have finally broken that jinx and i promise i will be much more regular in blogging.

Last week i have been going through the NEWS and have found at least a dozen of them to be strangely bizarre. So, i thought that this is the best way to connect with my readers again. So, here are a few which i thought were really strange. Believe me, some of these are really really STRANGE!!!

  • Firstly, a woman in Spain has registered the Sun…yes you read it right. The SUN! as here property. So, all you people who are sunbathing in the beaches, BEWARE! She has decided to slap a fee on everyone who use the sun. You can read more about this here.

The Sun is mine!!!

  • Next on the list is a British woman who called 911 to report a stolen snowman(you gotta be kiddin me!!!). Well, she actually had a case because she says that the eyes of the snowman were made of pound coins and the arms were made of spoons. But still doesn’t reporting a stolen snowman take you by surprise. Well, i just wonder how the policeman who took this 911 call would have felt. More on this story here.
  • A Saudi man failed to recognize his wife without the veil on her face after she met with a fatal accident. Strangely, he has five kids with her and says he has never seen his wife’s face in all these 10 years of marriage. He says “My wife still keeps her face covered all the time even in front of her family and relatives because she has been accustomed to this since she was a child…I have to respect her wishes and not insist on seeing her face”. Seriously, i am surprised that people still live like this in this world. Strangely, what a wonderful way to live.
  • A man has officially renamed himself CAPTAIN AWESOME…how awesome is that. And his signature is a right pointing arrow a smiley face in the middle and a left pointing arrow closing it out.The name’s awesome, Captain Awesome!!! and he has an ID Card to prove it.

Signature Awesome!!!

So, enough bizarre news for today. Cheers 🙂


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