After his much acclaimed UnnaiPol Oruvan, Kamal Hassan is back with his much awaited film ManMadhan Ambu directed by K.S. Ravikumar. Kamal Hassan has taken care of the screenplay, lyrics(except for 1 song) & dialogues.

Actress Ambujakshi aka Ambu aka Nisha(Trisha) is tired of her professional & personal like life and comes to France on a holiday to spend some time with her childhood friend Deepa(Sangeetha), a divorced mother of two kids. Ambu’s fiancé Madhana Gopal(R.Madhavan) who is always suspicious of her behavior suspects that she has an affair and appoints Major R.Mannar(Kamal Hassan), retired army man turned detective agent who accepts to work on this job in order to settle the hospital bills and pay for his friend Rajan’s(Ramesh Aravind) cancer treatment. The films plot takes twists and turns peppered with some emotional content and we reach a crazy-mohanesque climax sequence where all the lead characters gather at one place and all is well that ends well. Who gets who? You got to watch it to know it.

Kamal Hassan excels in bringing together a drama with a comical flavour to it. Hats off to the man. The screenplay is at its best with an interesting twist closing the interval sequence. But, post interval the film struggles to balance the emotional and comical balance and begins to drag. The dialogues are gems and you expect that when Kamal Hassan is the dialogue writer. MMA is a visual treat. The cinematographer Manush Nanadan deserves special accolades for bringing us the beautiful landscapes of Barcelona & Paris at brilliant angles.The song Neela Vaanam is a creative effort and picturised very well. I was fortunate enough to get to watch my favourite song The Kamal kavidhai which was surprisingly not cut for the overseas release and that songs turns the movie upside down, I was totally impressed with Devi Sri Prasad’s background score which i did not seriously expect to be this good. It is also a pillar to the film.

Kamal Hassan as usual excels as Major Mannar. Emotions and comedy are his forte and he scores big time in these departments. Trisha carries herself pretty well throughout the film and has dubbed for herself and isn’t that bad actually. Sangeetha brings the house down with her antics towards the end. But, the stand out performer apart from Kamal Hassan has got to be definitely R.Madhavan, who carries off his rich, spoilt & drunken boy act with ease and makes you roar with laughter with his antics. Ramesh Aravind & Urvashi although appearing only for a few minutes bring a tear or two. Special mention for the two kids and the Kurups who add to the comical relief.

Manmadhan Ambu’s only problem lies in its understanding. It is a film for the multiplexes and the comedy in the film is strictly timing and dialogue based. The film could have been much engrossing if it could have been trimmed by about 20 minutes as it starts to drag towards the second half. A treat for Kamal Hassan fans, and strictly for the multiplex audiences.

Rajster’s Verdict:



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