KO-Movie Review

KO-Visually Brilliant



Director K.V.Anand is back for the hat trick after his much talked about Kanaa Kandein & runaway hit Ayan to give us a political thriller in KO packaged with humor, romance and a huge dose of suspense.

The start credits make you to sit up and take notice with the best pictures from over the world. Few minutes into the film and you already begin to think that this is going to be a thrilling ride all along. Ashwin(Jiiva) is a daredevil newspaper photographer who happens to be at the wrong places at the right time. His daredevil acts and street smartness makes him an instant hero. He comes across Renuka(Karthiga(daughter of yesteryear actress Radha)), who had once caused him to lose his camera during one of his daredevil heroic acts and eventually falls in love with her. Saro(Pia Bajpai) is a bubbly, fun loving & slightly crazy collegue of Ashwin. Renuka & Ashwin get into trouble for exposing the wrongdoings of the current C.M Yogi(Prakash Raj) & leader of the opposition Alavandhan(Kota Srinivasa Rao). Then comes in Vasanthan(Ajmal) who is a young leader  of SIRAGUGAL-a group of educated youths contesting the elections.

Politics, money and power of the ruling party & opposition makes people turn a cold shoulder to Vasanthan & his group.  A fire accident and a life saving incident later, Vasanthan and his group wins over the people with their bravery and fight against corruption. A bomb explodes at Vasanthan’s political gathering which leads to the death of many in Vasanthan’s group and it also leads to the death of Saro. This incident makes Vasanthan lose confidence initially, but with the backing of Ashwin and his group, he wins the majority in the elections and becomes the new CM. What led to the bomb blast? Who planted the bomb? How did Saro die? All these questions are answered in the most thrilling way possible in the final 20 minutes of the film.

Jiiva as Ashwin sparkles in the easy go lucky character. Karthiga as the heroine is a damp squib. ’nuff said. Pia revels in her shortened yet memorable screen time. Ajmal as Vasanthan is a brilliant choice and he gives Jiiva a run for his money. Prakash Raj & Kota Sreenivasa Rao do the needful asked from them.

KO is a technically brilliant film and is visually stunning. KV Anand being a cameraman himself understand the importance of beauty. Cinematography by Richard.M.Nathan is excellent and the gun battle scenes in the climax deserves special praise. The songs are visually pleasing as usual and so is the music as well as BGM by Harris Jeyaraj. K.V Anand & Subha deserves special praise for the crunch & crispy dialogues with a political flavor to it.

But KO isn’t without its loopholes and dosage of heroism. But, if you are willing to forget that, then we have a visually brilliant tout political thriller on our hands.

Rajster’s Rating:

Rajster’s Verdict: KO-Delivers!!!


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