It was a Saturday, half a day at work. Perfect timing to be home to watch the complete match. Afterall it was the Final of the CWC2011. The ultimate price. 1 pm, time for the toss, check cricinfo. oh! what happened there, a re-toss!!! Was he cheating or did no one really hear it? Ok. Re-toss done. Sri Lanka win and bat. 50% hope lost already. Oh! when will it start. Time comes to a standstill. National Anthems playing. Indian Anthem. Goosebumps!!!

Eyes on the prize

Sublime Mahela!

Zaheer bowls 3 maidens on the trot. Sreesanth supports well. Great start this. And a wicket. Zaheer on fire! Small partnership. Worry. Dilshan can be dangerous. OUT!!! Bhajji, you beauty! Sanga & Jayawardena together can be trouble. Trouble it is. Partnership building, Tension building along. Need a wicket. Cometh the hour!  Cometh the man! Yuvi gets Sanga. Mild celebrations. Jayawardena reaches 50. Samaraweera gives ample support. tension again. Closing in on 200 in 40 overs. Batting powerplay still remains. Review, Review! Yuvraj, you beauty! Samaraweera gone. Kapugedera in. Kapugedera out! Thanks for coming. Friends join me. Celebrations on. Hopes are high. restrict them within 230. Yes, possible! Kulasekara playing well. Batting powerplay. FOUR, FOUR, SIX!!! Kula lofts Zaheer for a six,, didnt see that coming. Mahela nearing a historical century. FOUR!!! There it is! Awesome innings. Well played. Class! Kula sacrifices his wicket. Perera in. Slogs. 18 in the last over. Oh! Zaheer, what have you done! 274. 1999 1996 a century by Desilva, 2003 by Ponting, 2007 by Gilchrist, all of them saw a victory. Will this be Mahela’s winning century? It looks good. Very good.

Oh! Wait. We have Sehwag. He can turn this on the head. And then there is the always the Little Master to rely on. Malinga steams in. 2nd ball, Sehwag LBW!!!. Oh Shit!!! Review, no use. GONE. BIG BLOW. HUGE BLOW! 75-25 to SL. Trademark straight drive from Tendulkar. He is turning the heat on. OUT! Disaster. Game. Set. Match. SL now.

Down and Out!

There is no way back. Disappointment in everyone’s face. We go out. Roam around. Return. Young brigade steadying the ship. Kohli & Gambhir slow and steady. Score crosses 100. Gambhir reaches 50 not without a few nervous moments and several run out chances. Relief but still nervous. Dilshan spins his magic. Brilliant catch. Kohli gone. Dilshan gives a piece of his mind to Kohli. Too much. Dhoni comes in. WTH!!! what on earth is he thinking. ok, no time to think. Please bat well Dhoni. Please! Partnership reaches 50, then 100. Slow boys Slow. You can do it. 37 Overs. India nearing 200. Dhoni nearing a 50. 50 for Dhoni. Well played Captain. India cross 200. Every four is cheered. Will Poonam Pandey really strip??? Fingers still crossed(not for Poonam Pandey, of course!!!). Gambhir on 97. What an innings! Just do it slow. Oh no!!! What have you done Gambhir, What have you done! BOWLED!!! Silence! Standing ovation(standing on the bed as promised to my friend) as he trudges off after a magnificent innings. Yuvraj in. Come on Yuvi, one last time in the WC, play for that special person. Just hang in there. Dhoni accelerates. Batting Powerplay. FOUR!!! Excitement. Within touching distance. Still don’t do anything stupid. 250 up. Well done boys. 27 off 24 balls. Can’t lose it from here. Kula in. 11 off the over. Still nervous but bit relieved. Yuvi is Man of the Tournament. Oh! we already know that. Now the match. Malinga running in. FOUR! FOUR! 2 in a row. Dhoni, you beauty!!! 5 off 12 balls. Single!!! Excited. Kulasekara runs in. Dhoni swings, ball into orbit. We go berserk. A nation erupts in joy! Jumping. Shouting. Whistling. Tears. Still Jumping. Dhoni, Whaddaplaya!!! Don’t forget Gambhir. Gambhir & Dhoni have their names carved into immortality!

The winning Hit-Into orbit & outer space. One for the frames!!!

Players celebrating, crying. Spare a thought for Mahela. Incredible innings. Sachin comes running out from the dressing room. How old is he. Looks 16 to me. Hugs and handshakes all over. Dhoni all smiles. Sachin carried on the shoulders. Great sight. The man deserves it.   Post match interviews. Gambhir says it’s for Sachin and we did it. Kohli when asked how was it to carry Sachin on the shoulders. Pat comes the reply “He has carried the burden for 20 years, it’s time we carried him on our shoulders”. Proud.  Hearts beating fast. Very Very excited. Presentation. Medals. Dhoni-Man of the Match. Gambhir deserved it more i felt. Yuvraj Singh-Man of the tournament. No guesses there. The trophy is in the hands. Champagne bottles explode. I was feeling ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!! It will definitely take time to sink in. We are WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!

Photos Courtesy-© AFP & © Getty Images via http://www.cricinfo.com



  1. Nice…. still remember i was at this place with my 50 college friends and when we won it we were all on the street. no heed to any perm time…. had never been more proud to be an Indian… 🙂

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