Battle Royale!

Manchester United vs FC Barcelona

On 28th May, two of the best teams in Europe will cross swords for the biggest prize of them all…The UEFA Champions League Cup. Two teams with contrasting styles and equally talented and contrasting players. Manchester United vs Barcelona is always a treat to watch. Both teams have come off contrasting seasons too. Barcelona have had it easy in the La Liga claiming their 3rd successive title while Man Utd have earned the EPL title in what has been dubbed “The Mother of all Seasons”.

So when these two teams meet, what can we expect? A heart pounding, adrenalin pumping fierce battle is on the cards. Where TWO stand, ONE will remain. There will be no room for ERROR. Messi vs Vidic, Iniesta vs Ferdinand, Rooney vs Puyol, Hernandez vs Pique. It is sure gonna be mouthwatering. With the cathedral of modern football-The New Wembley serving as the backdrop, expect sparks to fly and a match for the ages.

Bring it On!!!

I will be wearing that RED shirt and cheering every breath for a UNITED win, because some wounds never heal and be sure, be very sure that we will pay back in kind for 2009,come tomorrow.

Rajster’s Prediction: A 2-1 Manchester United Win! GGMU!!!


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