Anyone Want a Google Plus Invite?

So, Google has finally come up with a new “THING” to exchange blows with Facebook. named Google Plus, you can get into the thing only if you have one of those Golden Invites from the persons who have already sneaked in.

Remember, the golden days when getting an invite for the then revolutionary Gmail was the most ultimate thing. Getting into Gmail was the equivalent of attaining nirvana. Technical Nirvana. And we all got one didn’t we?

Now, Google has come up with Google Plus, after their much criticized and now scrapped Google Buzz & their visionary project that almost never took off, Google Wave (some of you might ask what is that?).There were no invites, Google made a mistake by offloading all their users to Buzz & wave thus causing an early burnout.

Although Gmail revolutionized email, those were really untested waters at that point of time. Now with Google Plus getting mixed reviews already from different corners, people might  just have better things to do. Maybe update their Facebook status or tell tell the world what they do in 140 characters.

That said, we really want a goddamn Google Plus invite. Anyone got one?


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