Time for Introspection

Dear Team INDIA,

I take the liberty to draft this letter on the behalf of millions of cricket fans across the globe.

First of all, let me begin by telling you that this is by far the worst experience for me as an ardent fan of your team. Ever since i started watching cricket way back in early 1990’s, never have i felt so apathetic & heart breaking while supporting my team on a tour.

Yes, i agree we are a demanding lot. But, that is because of you TEAM INDIA. You had made us accustomed to winning. It was OK if it was only winning, but you made us proud by showing us that you had the intensity and audacity to not go down without a fight. That is the TEAM INDIA we wanted to see.

You won us the WORLD CUP, no we haven’t forgotten that and will never forget that ever in our lives. You earned the title of #1 Test team in the world. We were a happy lot you know. But, these past 3 weeks gave us our reality check. Oh, yes it did!

These three weeks were most harrowing times for any fan, leave alone me. Although after each failure of yours, I tell myself not to follow the remaining matches anymore. I know from the inside, me and the millions of fans were watching each and every ball. That’s how we are.

We expected you to fight. We never even saw a glimpse of that in this series. Yes, there were exceptions. RAHUL DRAVID! We seriously do not know how much more humiliating it would have been to see the team go down without his 3 fighting and quality centuries. Each when the team needed them and each which gave us hope that there was at least  someone willing to put up a fight. RESPECT!!!

There were glimpses of fight in the final test match. Although we lost, you have raised our hopes again. Though the #1 test team tag is lost along with this series (and ENGLAND in every sense were the BETTER team in all departments), we still have our hopes high on you. We will consider this a blemish.

In the weeks proceeding this series, we will ponder on the future, we will back you during these hard times. Yes, after all you are still our beloved team.

Signing off, hoping the good old days of not going down without a fight is just round the corner.

Your’s faithfully,

An Ardent Fan




  1. Nice one.

    Where is that fighting spirit from Team India? AFAIK, we can remove all those so called bowlers and replace them with batsmen as bowlers doesn’t seem to do anything. Atleast batsmen can score more runs and prolong matches. T20 match also has made us upset. Only hope is the ODI and if we win all of them, that would speak for itself.

    IPL has started showing its after effects. We need more Dravids for test match, not Gautam gambirs..

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