Random Ramblings

The things that i used to be interested in doesn’t seem to excite me anymore. LIFE, they say!  Its all in the mind, ainni’t?

I’ve termed it Saturation Point. That’s exactly where i am getting to at this point of time.

What exactly is saturation point? I’ll explain in detail. At one point of time in whatever you do or have been doing, things cease to excite you. Its definetly not an alarming state to be in, but staying too long in saturation won’t help too. What’s the point of doing things repeatedly when they do not excite you anymore.

We all crave for CHANGE, i for one understand that i am crawling towards it right now, but a feeling of restlessness accompanies every thought. Every question arising in the mind begins with a WHAT IF? Guess i am human too, as always we all want everything to happen immediately. Just like my boss, yeah! The man wants everything to happen NOW!

Even though traits of impatience creeps in, i’m glad i possess this quality of staying calm. It is perhaps the one thing that life has taught me up to now. We all want different things to happen at the same time. Life doesn’t work that way. What we want comes precisely at a particular point of time. It is inevitable. Sometimes we just have to sit back and watch the show and maybe enjoy it too. Eventually, DREAMS COME TRUE!

And yeah! I’ll wait after all! IN HOPE!


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