As i was watching THAT GIRL IN YELLOW BOOTS, i was thinking to myself why many such movies are not made? It was dark, it was hard hitting and the best part was it was REAL. But do people(the vast majority) encourage this kind of REAL cinema???  The answer is a sad “NO”.

As film critic Sudhish Kamath tweeted yesterday “The mainstream film audience is like shit-eating pigs. Changing its diet requires more than a “Shit is good because many eat it” attitude”. This is very true. Not that I am against commercial cinema.  But, there should be that balance between commercial cinema and good cinema. We see so much sh*t in the name of commercial cinema these days, but people still throng the theaters to watch mediocre fares like Bodyguard or Golmaal(he made 3 parts, seriously!). The trade figures amuse you. You just cannot blame the people for that. Ultimately,  entertainment is what people come for, again, if in every film the hero is going to flaunt his muscles and keep thrashing hundreds of goons at one go. I’m sorry, but NO THANKS!

But, people have become much more intelligent over the years. I’ve always been disappointed that a film like ANBE SIVAM did not do well at the box office. The same people who disliked the film, made it a cult classic much later. Recognition well deserved, but that failure at the BO just meant that no other filmmaker will take that risk ever again.

I’m not saying hate commercial cinema, but do give a chance to off stream movies too.  Off stream/Offbeat cinema deserves much more that what it gets right now!


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