Mayakkam Enna-Music Review (Tamil)




The Dhanush-Selva combo is back yet again to recreate the magic of their earlier ventures. GV Prakash Kumar seems to have benefited from the Selva-Yuvan splat and in the red hot form he is after the stupendous success of Aadukalam & Deiva Thirumagal, he has doled out some refreshing tracks for Mayakkam Enna.

1. Ennena Seidhom Ingae (Harish Ragavendra)

A slow starter to the album. The song has a strong classical touch to it and Harish Ragavendra as usual mesmerizes with his voice. The use of soft instrumentals add to the beauty of the song.

2. Naan Sonnadhum Mazhai Vanducha (Naresh Iyer & Saindhavi)

A song very similar to O baby from Yaaradi nee Mohini, the songs starts off with some good beats and Naresh Iyer has done a great job in this song considering the fact that he is usually associated with melifllous numbers. The instrumental mixing by the composer is brilliant and pumps up the mood of the song. Saindhavi provides ample support to the song with her voice.

3. Pirai Thedum (Saidhavi & GV Prakash Kumar)

A song that gives glimpses of Annul Malae from vaaranam Aayiram and a sound very similar to GVP’s Vizhigalil Oru Vaanavil in Deiva Thirumagal, but there is the “Haunting” voice of Saindhavi that makes you want to hear this song on loop. A brilliantly composed melodious number with some great rendition from Saindhavi makes it an instant hit. GV Prakash’s voice just adds to the magic and takes it to the next level.

4. Voda Voda Voda (Dhanush)

A fun song with a catchy tune and decent crooning from Dhanush. The lyrics are the main attraction to the song and makes it fun to listen to. The autotune(robotic voice) however spoils what could have been a great song into a mediocre affair. Yet again GVP impresses with his choice of  instruments.

5. Kaadhal En Kaadhal (Dhanush, Selvaraghavan)

Dhanush & Selvaraghavan add a third dimension to their already known dimension of acting/directing & writing by rendering their voice to this brilliant song. A Love failure anthem with a friendship touch to it and the lyrics is just brilliant. A perfect blend of some brilliant lyrics, some good vocals and a good folkish kind of tune just makes this song the pick of the album.

6. Mayakkam Enna Theme (GV Prakash Kumar) 

GVP-Selva tries to do a Yuvan here. A mellifluous blend of the keyboard and the flute makes it pleasant to the ears and as it progresses the guitar comes into play with the jammin. A perfect blend for the theme. And signature GVP style too.

Rajster’s Top 3 of the Album

1. Kadhal En Kaadhal

2. Pirai Thedum

3. Voda Voda Voda

Rajster’s Verdict:

GVP mixes mass with class and continues to impresses with his tunes and follows up his good work in DTM with an equally if not superior work. Much accolades should also go to the brother duo Dhanush-Selva for the simple, uncomplicated & funny lyrics which adds to the beauty of the music. Yet another impressive performance from GVP.


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