Happy Diwali Folks!!!

It is here. The festivity of lights. Crackers going off. BOOM!!! (this particular word is here because i so wanted to use it on one of my posts ever since i saw the DON 2 trailer with SRK uttering the same. CLASS!!!, guilty pleasure). Jokes apart, i miss DIWALI. Celebrating it i mean. Diwali was my festival. I do not remember a Diwali not being celebrated at my cousins place. They used to get a lot of crackers and yours faithfully, the aan singam (translated as male lion for U, that reader who doesn’t understand the beauty of my language, yes U) was called upon to finish em all mainly because i was the eldest boy child in the family. Every year. The bijli, lakshmi vedi, atom bomb, changu chakra. oh, i just realised i miss the crackers too. I used to love the snake. it wasn’t much of a challenge, but just lighting up a black pellet and seeing it transform in the shape of a snake was fun. oh! i miss those days. Just got news that if we burst crackers here(in Kuwait), we end up in jail. Enna vaazhka da idhu!!!

Coming to the sweets, deepavali was a time for those delicious Gulab Jamuns. Mom was the architect of some of the best Gulab Jamuns on earth. Believe me, you’d wanna gobble up a whole lot of them at once. They were that delicious *mouth-watering*. then there was the murukku and om podi. Everything was made for the whole family. And then how could i forget the movies. First Day First Show of a big movie that releases on Diwali(always). Man, sucks to know these days will never come back.

And so coming to the present, it sucks to be here. A damned place where money keeps people going. Diwali has as less a meaning as the Indian Government. Nobody gives a sh*t.

Hopefully, things will get better next year. Hopefully!!!

Have a fun filled festive season. Happy Diwali folks!!!

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