Hello November!!!

There is nothing more beautiful than a season change. From the warm & sultry summer to a shift in the winds, the beautiful breeze and the chill announcing the arrival of winter. And then the rain(however little it is here) just brings a smile on the face. November, the month we all yearn to be in.

For me, November is all the more close. For silly reasons of course. I call it silly because it might not matter to anyone else except me. However silly it may be, it sometimes can make sense.

I was into my first job in November. November 11, 2008 to be exact. Not exactly the job i was dreaming about, but nevertheless a job that paid. An interview and i got the job. The job didn’t last long and i had a long wait. A year passed. It was November again. Not that i had thought of it but yes it was lucky again. Another country, another interview, another job. This time something much more deserving and paying. November 22, 2009 it was.

I have been waiting, waiting for a long 2 months for something. A change, a desperate change. November will always be special and close to the heart. November is already a good sign. Hoping that this would be the best of them all!


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