Mayakam Enna-A Test of your Patience




Halfway through the film,when you feel relieved that the intermission has finally come and given you respite, you know that the movie is below par. That is the problem with Mayakam Enna. It is definetly not a bad movie. It is just what you call a confused movie.

You can call it an art film(at least that is what my parents are calling it at the moment), but there is not much emphasis on art except the fact that the aspirant protaganist loves Photography and wants to build a career of it. It is definetly not a commercial movie as the director has not compromised the story to add an item number with girls dancing around with skimpy clothes & it is definetly NOT a movie for the family audiences. So you decide for yourselves what kind of movie it is. The tagline though interestingly says “follow your heart”. An apt one at that.

Karthik Swaminathan(Dhanush) is a wildlife photography aspirant and wants to gain experience working under his inspiration photographer Madhesh. however Madhesh does not appreciate his talents and says he is not fit to be a photgrapher. Madhesh uses Karthik’s photo as his own and gains laurels. These things are interwound inbetween a love track between Karthick and Yamini(Richa Gangophaday), who is Kathik’s friend Sundar’s so called girl friend. Interestingly they get married too. What happens to Karthick after he has been manipulated forms the crux of the story.Does he get his due? Do the couple live happily ever after? These are for you to find out(that is if you still have the patience to sit through 2 hrs and 45 mins.

Coming to the performances, there is nothing much to talk about. Dhanush sleepwalks through his character. piece of cake. Richa has a good scope to showcase her talents and she passes with flying colours. An impressive debut. The guy who plays Dhanush;s friend Sundar in the film provides some comical relief(if you can call it that). Ramji’s camera ads beauty to each frame. Although GV Prakash scores bigtime with the songs, he fails to attact the audience with his mediocre if not bland background music.

Selvaraghavan as much confused he was ends up making a confused film which tests the patience of the audience. The first half is extremely slow while although the second half is comparatively better a weak script spoils the party. Selva tries to pull a Mani Ratnam with minimal dialogues, long pauses, only music and fails miserably. Nowhere near his best, perhaps his weakest film. Up to now i still do not know what the director was trying to convey thro the film. If u could figure it out, pls do let me know.

Rajster’s Verdict:

Why this “Kolaveri” Mr. Selvaraghavan???. The best part of the movie is the final 15 mins, that is if you are patiently willing to forego 2.30 hrs a drag.


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